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Such a dunce


Not evil at all
Hi guys

I just spilled my lunch all over the floor at work, because I am an idiot! It's the yummiest pasta salad ever that I was so looking forward to :(

I scooped most of it back into the tub, and some of it went into the bin.. is it really disgusting to eat it? :( I have nothing else to eat and I'm starving, no shops nearby and I'm not even going home when I leave here, I'm going straight out on a 40min drive to my doctor surgery :(

So hungry.. need approval before I eat it lol

PS No one saw it fall lol I'm on my own in the office...
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Is a crunchy mama!
LOL!! I say eat it :D
If you're still hungry, buy a pret deluxe sushi pack for 3.5 syns!


Not evil at all
Allie I know :( it just feels like such a waste! And I'm upset about it, which is just silly lol. It's going in the bin and I'm eating my yoghurt very slowly and then going to drink about a litre of water to fill me up :) at least I'll see how good SW really is by getting a taste of a VLCD!!!!


Gold Member
how much fluff was in it?

Sorry hun, i bet you are gutted :( just think you can have a lovely big meal tonight - and im sure missing a meal wont affect your weight loss.

Least you have a yoghut hey? xxx


Will be thin god dammit!!
Use the 10 second rule ( if its on the floor for less than that its edible ) - make it 60 second if it was there longer!


Starting Again
don't forget about the old 5 second rule! ;)

seriously though I would bin it and drink water until i was almost drowning!
I'm with moomintrolljen the 10 second rule would have come in. Needs must!

And if you had binned it, you could be tempted to eat crap food instead;)

If it makes you feel any better I was cycling away to work this morning, away with the fairies when I suddenly thought, 'where's my bag' doh still at home! what a numpty, fortunatley the back door was open so I was able to get in, and I still cycled to work.:)

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