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such a thing as too much fruit?

That doesn't sound like a lot of fruit to me!

I have been known (on many occasions) to have half a pineapple for brekkie, half a melon throughout the day, an apple after work and then a punnet of strawberries after dinner with a meringue and some lf yoghurt!

Fruit is free, mostly water, filling, full of vitamins and special, healthy things...so EAT and ENJOY :D
no that's not all i have i have 2 apples, 2 kiwis and half a melon still to eat but i'm just having a hungry day today and can't seem get filled up
i'm thinking the same lol i'm only on week 4 and not had as great a start as i had hoped so trying to stick to the plan as much as possible for a good loss next week so running around looking for ideas lol :)
I eat loads of fruit and i dont think it does me any harm! For example, to day i have:
2 x plums
2 x funsize apples
1/2 gala melon
1/3 Pineapple
1 x Peach
2 x tangerines
2 x Kiwi

And that is just to eat throughout the day in work! Fruit forms most of my free food to be honest. I had scrambled egg, mushroom and bacon for breakfast and for lunch im having ryvita and cottage cheese and ham so i need fruit to fill the gaps inbetween.
i personally dont think so however at weekends i eat les than during week as my darling boyfriend berates me for 'eating too much' despite it being free.
Drink loads of water to help fill you up and eat all that fruit you have. It's good stuff and won't do you any harm. It's so good to pack in all that superfree food.

What else are you having other than fruit? Having a green/original day?
i love fruit but due to the food budget there is no way i could buy in loads of fruit....would be talking forty to fifty pounds per week! the kiddies love it so fruit doesnt last long in this house

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree with drinking the water...you will not feel hungry once you have. Our body tricks us into thinking its hungry when in fact we are dehydrated.
Hi Ronnie

Tell your boyfriend that free food is part of the SW plan and should be used as part of your weight lose plan.!!! Free food is there to eat until comfortably full.

Phil x
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I always feel too full to eat loads of fruit. I had a tangerine and a banana today.
Probably not much use to most of you, who couldn't possibly shop at such an inconvenient time, but my main source of both fruit and veg is at one or other of the local Supermarkets, in the evening, when they fully discount that day's 'Sell By Date' items.
You obviously take pot luck - sometimes it's just mushrooms or squashed salad packs - and ALL the stores vary in both the amount of discount they allow and the time they do the final reductions. In my experience, goods are reduced to between 10% and 25% of their original price and the time varies between 6pm and 10pm. But, if you are able to do this, even if only occasionally, it's worth finding out about your local store's routine, because it can save a fortune. BOO to those fruit bags at "£2 - buy one and get one free", they should be £1 EACH!
We're totally upfront about it. I call myself 'The Chuck Out Queen', (should have been my ID!), and always say to the person doing the markdown's "the vultures are in tonight!".
Just last night, along with lots of vegetables, I got 8 packs of prepared fruit, including watermelon, pineapple and grapes, original cost £18.50 (WHAT?!!) for just £2.50. But I DO worry about all that sugar...
There is a downside to this of course - naughty things and downright forbidden things do get reduced to ridiculous prices as well!!!
Happy hunting!
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