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such a thing as too much water? please advise =D

i sometimes managed to drink 6 + litres so as long as you space it out and dont do it all at once i dont see it as a problem. however someone may be able to advise you a bit better :)
thankyou :) xx


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hi i think i've read not to drink more than 4 ltrs is flushes out your shakes so not good! i think but i'm sure some 1 else will let you know ;)

so how is your morning goin?
its not going bad hardly feel weird at all =] just the constant ahh i cant eat thing going threw my head.. lol.


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ya i kno i the same this week started tfr after reefeed and holidays, not feeling so hot, not easy to start again, but if i get tru this 1st week will be ok, its so worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!

fair play to you on what you lost allready, im not familar with the diet u did can you eat on it? or what way did it work?


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After a few weeks of poor losses my pharamcist AND Lipotrim told me not to drink more than 4.5l AT THE MOST (I'd been drinking 6-8l!) The next week my losses doubled. Lipotrim said there was a danger of flushing out the nutrients the shakes contained and putting myself into starvation mode.
The amount of recommended water is to indicate the amount of fluids you need to 'replace' i.e. what you'd normally get from your foods.
So- long story short- between 2-4.5l a day excluding what you use in your shakes.
see these ladies know what theyre talking about :)
yup they do

thanks girlies =D x


A little of everything!
hey no your fine when i did this diet before with my sister we used to drink 6+ litres of water a day and our shakes xx
That doesn't mean that you should! I'd go with LT's advice to avoid any possible harm.
how much did you loose on the diey jellybean? x
kool.. did you regain any?... im really worried bout that lol..

but i guess so is everyone lol.
wow jellybean well done for losing all that weight in the first place :)

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