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Hi Sue and welcome to LL(L). I would think that if you are on day 3 now you should slip into ketosis at any time.

Good luck with your journey.

Kat xx
Thanks. I hope so 'cos I feel so hungry that I can't concentrate, I am bad tempered and have a feeling of nausea. Just to add to it I resent thin people eating lovely fatty chips !!!
just hoping this empty feeling goes away soon.
Hiya Sue, i'm on Day 12 and loving LLL. I think I went into ketosis about day4. I also have 2 stone to lose. Lost 6.5 pounds of that the first week, my next WI is on Sunday. I'll keep you posted.
When is your WI?:D


...we're sinking deeper.
Welcome Suepass :)
What you are experiencing is Carb-Withdrawal! You are now losing your Glycogen stores and the feeling of hunger is natural. Your body is using up the 'stored' energy from your muscles so to speak, and once you slip into ketosis - it will start using the fat stores for energy instead...! The hunger won't be so evident, and you *WILL* feel better!

However: One thing you will learn on LL, is to change your thinking: instead of thinking :
*"Just to add to it I resent thin people eating lovely fatty chips !!!"
Instead start to think:
*"I love how I'm feeling and will continue to feel being slender and healthy by choosing not to eat those greasy chemical pumped pieces of processed starch!"

Get the idea? ;) By changing a few mental processes - it will make your weight loss success last for the rest of your life, instead of a few months. :D
thanks both for your help. I was starting to think there is something wrong.
my weigh in is on Tuesday evening.
how much weight have you lost on average pet week?
Hi Sue, I agree with everything others have said above. If you have a look at my signature it gives you an idea of my week losses over the last 13 weeks - do bare in mind that we are all different but it gives you an idea!

Kat xx


...we're sinking deeper.
My losses were much slower, there were periods of about consecutive 4 weeks where I only lost 1lbs per week. It really depends on you as an individual, our bodies are all different. I seem to retain water a lot more than others, so slow weeks will follow by big losses for two weeks, then slow again. Most people are much more consistent though... However, never be discouraged... 1lbs is still 1lbs in the right direction!

how do you get the weight tracker on your profile

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