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Sue's Food Diary :)

Ok so I rejoined weight watchers back in January (3rd time lucky!) and I've only lost 13 pounds :( Determined to do it properly now and have been the last month or so.

I am at my lowest this year at the moment 14 stone 5.5. Did get down to this back in May but then went on a 2 week all inclusive holiday and put on 10 pounds :O

I suppose at least I have been going down (however slow..), I probably would be 2 stone heavier than I am now if I didnt even half do it :p

So here I go to copping on :p

Please comment if Ive made any mistakes or if you have any suggestions :) x
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Todays food diary:

Branflakes and semi skimmed milk: 5

Chicken pasta:
Breast of Chicken: 4
sauce: 1
can chopped tomatoes (made more sauce and flavor from the jar of sauce stayed in it) : 0
50g spaghetti (calculated from pack): 5

Chicken Breast: 4
Curry sauce (1/4 can lidl): 2
onions: 0
Homemade chips (150g potato when cooked): 6

Snack size twix: 3
tiny bit of milk for 2 coffees: 1

Lidl mini ice cream: 3

Total 34/34 :)
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Kerry's pregnancy diary
Diary looks good Hun. You've done well to lose 13lb, not to b sniffed at! Haha like u say at least u lost it rather than gained! hope u find it a bit easier this time round! I find since comin on here I've stoke to it a bit better, reading how well people do n looking at different things to eat keeps me motivated! :) xx


Kerry's pregnancy diary
Stuck to it better ( I can spell, honest) x
Thanks hun :)
Yeah I think this websites a real good idea.. joined earlier this year but only really been going on the last week or so! lol
Yesterday I had:
Cereal 5

Wrap: 4
Chicken: 4
Onions and lettuce: 0
No point soup: 0

Topaz chicken and bacon sambo:9
No point soup: 0

Cornetto straw: 5

Banana and fruit bowl: 0

Galaxy : 7

Total: 34/34

Cereal: 5

ww salad and pasta bowl: 8

Chicken teryaki subway: 9 (no cheese)
Crisps: 5

3 rolos: 2?

Skips: 2
no point homemade soup: 0

Malteasers: 5

Milk (splash skimmed 2 coffees) 1

Total: 38/34

4 weekleys.. Didnt wana use any to see how id do but oh well.. no drinking for me this week :( lol
Start of a new week :)
was down 3.5 delighted :)

Ok so i was bold today but stuck to points:

Mcnuggets: 7
Curry sauce:1
Med mcdonalds chips: 9
Diet coke: 0
Total - 17

Ice cream:3
Aldi twix thing: 7
Total: 10

So far 27/34
so 7 left.. any ideas on dinns :p?

had a bag of malteasers for 5 so 2 left... any ideas wat i could have for 2 :p??
that actually sounds nice :) thanks hun! x


Np, i tend to have it as a low point meal if im saving points to go out or if ive just over eat xx

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great tip! will defo do that the next time x
Trying to be really good now n speed up my losses:

Day 1 of this week:

No time for brekie :( (started lab at 9)

3 Squares Choc: 3

Veg Soup (small cup in college) 3
Soft roll: 4
Butter: 2
Hula Hoops:4

Low fat low low cheese X2 : 4
2 Toast: 4

Ice cream wafer thing from aldi: 3
2 x curly wirleys: 6
Snax: 2

WW hot choc: 1
WW carmamel wafer: 1
Another curly wirley :p :3

Used 34/34 dailys and 7 weeklies

I no it was a 'bold' day but I'm not hungry after the lack of food :p
Start of my week was yesterday..

Coco pops and skimmed milk 4
Banana 0

WW toffee bar 2

Tesco light choices beef enchaladas 11
Galaxy 7
Tayto 5

No point soup 0
Light sweet chilli chicken wrap

Cornetto 5
Wheelies 3
Crazy choc rice crispies square 3

Low fat cheese on toast 4
Snax 2

Used 32 dailies and 21 weeklies oops

Always so bad first day :S

Wanted to save em for my friends 21st tomorrow night :(
Today 9/12/11

Galaxy 7

Bread x2 4
Chicken 4
Sauce 3
Cheese 4

Chicken dippers 3
Homemade chips 3

Curly Wirley 3

32/32 dailies
Today 12/1/12

Nesquick cereal and skimmed milk: 5
Coffee: 0

Shop bought sambo: 11
(egg 2 + mayo 3 + bread 4)
Doritos: 5

Homemade lasagne: 7
Dunnes cheese curls: 2
mini flake: 2
Curley wirley: 3
Kitkat 2 fingers: 2

Total: 37 pp
dailes: 33/33 weeklies: 4/49

Went a bit mad on choc keep telling myself i dont want anymore cus nothing tastes as good as skinney feels :p x x
Feel uncomfy full after dinns which was salad leaves carrots chicken n balsamic vinager n then pineapple.. Only 5pp.. Strange lol
100% last 4 days :-D x
Just had lunch which leaves enoufh for eddies nachos n chili later :)

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