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sugar free, fat free jelly

Last night I looked on Amazon n ended up buying some sugar free peach jelly (8 packs) and sugar free raseberry jelly (also 8 packs)

Hubby made up 1 of the peach earlier today when it arrived, i was shocked that teh whole pack is only 10 calories!!! n tastes so damn good.

What flavour jelly do you guys like ? x
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I saw the pots when I was in the supermarket but the sacheys we got on amazon make up 2 big cereal bowls worth so better value (we are poor students!!) or several mugs worth. and a far better choice of flavours, lots which you can't get very easily in the UK x


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Jelly is great when you want some sweet...just check each jelly before you buy it though, as some jelly has quite a few sugars and carbs in it...a good example of this Asda's Great Stuff Jelly, the blackcurrent flavour contains carbs and sugars and some of the other flavours doesn't :)
I love this jelly. I was going to a bbq last week and I was a bit worried as I new a lot of people were bringing yummy deserts. I made up some individual portions of strawberry jelly in plastic cups and as an extra treat chopped some fresh strawberries and added them to each pot.

They were really lovely and they went down well with everyone.
Lovely jelly especially if you cut fruit up and drop it in before it sets, gives great texture to it too something to chew on so makes you feel like your actually eating something.

Has to be strawberry jelly with fresh strawberries, apple and even little pieces of melon go well with it.
would you be able to post the nutritional values per 100g? I'm wondering if they might be a free food on Slimming World! I can't find them online :)

Thanks xx
Sure hun per 100ml serving
2.5 cals
0.35g carbs
Less than 1g fibre
30mg vitamin c (50% of rda)
Zero sugar
Zero fat
Zero cholestral

Brand is Simply Delish Zero

Thwy are also kosher, hallal, vegetarian

Approved for diabetics and heart and stroke patients

We get packs of 8 on amazon for 8quid

Lots of yum flavours including peach, raseberry, lemin, strawberry, lime and grape

We got them via amazon as weve amazon prime so dont pay for shipping plus it is nice to get nice post which isnt a bill! Makes a change they also set in around a hour x
I'me gone to a different site that sells them induvidually and ordered 2 cherry, 1 peach, 1 choc pudding (which won't be free, but i hope it to be low syn) and 1 vanilla pudding (ditto)

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