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Sugar free gum

ah yes, thank you Woofy thats fab!! i find i need something to chew during the day as its my new habit (alot healthier than smoking lol) xox
all gum ive looked at in the shops has carbs in it and lots of them too. Try the web site stated above.
I get quite bad keto breath and have been using the sprays from boots or supermarkets and brushing my teeth in work.


Alway see the love x
July, I also use sugar free mouth spray, just on the off chance I fined a nice Mr Woof lol

Woofy X
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LMAO! I know what you mean, i have some under my pillow as hubby hates keto breath! to be honest, keto breath is better than the 'headache' excuse ;-)


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OMG I've just died and gone to heaven, I've been looking at the carb free sweeties & low carb chocs, can we really, truly have these? And on induction - sounds too good to be true!

The one thing I'm missing is something sweet, I've been having SF jelly with cream and that's lovely but I'd give anything for a square of chocolate and if I could have some of these, even if just for a treat, well I could Atkins for ever for sure!!

Dee 25

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Hiya saw the thred above, is all the sweets and chocolate allowed on induction. craving the sweet stuff



Alway see the love x
Hi Dee..... you only have 1 more week on induction, hunni ( thats if ur only doing the 2 weeks) Hang in there and then reward all ur hard work with a little something. Side effects can be bad tum tums and weight stalling......

Woofy X

Dee 25

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well im going to stay on longer got abit to loose.
so only in emergencys then.
Thanks might get some for those hard days.
ive been having df jelly and cream, but dont want to over do that and stall myself. get weighed in morning. but gonna have at least another 2 weeks on induction.

I chewed the gum, still do sometimes.

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