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Sugar free gum?


Been liberated by Exante!
Sugar free or any gum tends to make you hungry, not sure of the physiology but it did for me anyway. Its something to do with chewing and stimulating your gastric juices I think, so best avoided. So now I don't do gum either.
The breath problem doesn't last - its probably best to just drink more water, after a week or so it went for me. You can clean your teeth too - frequently, that helps. But its not a permanent feature of this diet.


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Not sure about exante but when on Cambridge diet I was advised that smint (mint ones) was ok just for a quick fix but the bad breath was only short term and it never affected my weight loss I also did airwaves gum... Again this was on Cambridge not exante so not sure if possible to get away with it on exante as not had first weigh in my self yet xxx


Been liberated by Exante!
Boots make a product called Smile - breath spray - its OK, but not a certainty for a hot date I agree.


I will do this!
Everyone will make their own choices, but I chewed extra gum every day on LL and lost 6 stone. I will do the same on exante as I hate the breath and gun does not make me hungry.

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