Sugar Free Jelly Belly Beans

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Starting again!!
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Can anyone help me with the syn value?

I know you can have 5 standard jelly beans for 1 syn but hope the sugar free ones should be more for less (I've got a thing about them at the mo!)

I think the sugar free ones are 80 cals for 35 sweets - so that would make it 4syns for 35 sweets or 9 sweets per 1 syn - is that right?

So I think I can have 135 jelly beans for my syn allowance? :p
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Haha, I have no idea as to the answer to thsi questions, but that is some fantastic maths!!!

Hope someone comes up with the answer soon!!



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OMG sugar free Jelly Belly's???? Are they as yummy as the regular ones?


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who makes them hun?


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jelly belly make them i need to know the answer! lol