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Sugar Free Mints - Allowed? Also Diet Redbull?


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Id be interested to know about the mints too? I was told sugarfree gum was ok but it makes me a bit hungrier :rolleyes:. I wouldnt think the redbull would be ok Id say theres still a lot of sugar in it.

I was told coke zero was ok is this right?? I have a can in the fridge but havent opened it yet!
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When did you start Laney? All the best on your journey. Talking from experience, don't EVER give in!!! lol, its difficult now but was brilliant to start with.

The sugar free mints I have are those little tiny round ones, is that the ones you are thinking about too?

Back in the days when this diet was working wonders for me I stuck to Pepsi Max and Diet Coke and lots and lots of sugarfree chewing gum. Some advise not to do this, but in my experience it didn't harm a thing. Although, if you do get hunger pangs from chewing gum do go careful. They say 660ml of coke maximum a day.

Oh and by all accounts Coke Zero is the one to have amongst all over diet cokes!!!

All the best! x


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 15st5lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.93%)

Arctic Monkeys your a legend! I wasnt sure about the coke but Im soo glad now. I started on sunday! Doing ok today. First couple of days were dreadfull but Im much more positive today :crazy:
I didnt get on to well with the oriental chilli soup last night tho! God it was rank!! So I did a swap for shakes instead of the soup. Is anyone else the same?

Did anyone try the choc mint shake hot??
Also Ive to order ahead for 3 weeks cos my CDC is away and I havent tried the bars yet. How do they taste??

S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Haha you're quite welcome! Deffo coke is allowed. But by the book and my CDC 660ml is the limit (although, I always pushed the limit. I could have maybe lost more if I didn't do so.)

Glad you're doing well! Sounds like you have a great positive start to it, thats brilliant just make sure you keep it up and really do resist all temptation because thats the way to go and get through it! I restarted a couple of times over minor blips and it was always difficult and first few days the worst, it becomes routine eventually and gets easier. Wish I'd listen to my own advice lol. It really is true though, I'm not just saying it.

I had a similar experience with the Oriental Chili Soup. It put me off of ALL soup and I know I'm going to stay that way for the rest of my life. Even the thought........ :[email protected]
I stick to 1 bar a day, 1 tetra a day and 1 shake a day now (or was when I was going strong lol) I'm very boring with the flavours too... not tried Choc Mint I'm afraid.

However I can recommend you freezing your tetra's ;-) tastes just like ice-cream. Once frozen, takes a good 5+ hours, pop it in the Microwave for 20-30 seconds and then you can scrape away at it. Lasts a while and is very satisfying. Which reminds me to put one in the freezer for tomorrow!! - it really is one to look forward to, specially after work!

Bars - LUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only allowed one a day because of the carb content, but jesusssss. So yummy :) My fave is Toffee Malt. I love it so much thats the only flavour I now buy (told you I'm boring). The Orange one is nice. So is Chocolate but I have dodgy teeth and it hurts them so can't eat that one anymore. Umm my best friend sticks to Peanut and Choc and loves em, specially peanut. When I first started CD I didn't have a bar for the first 2 weeks, and within 2 weeks I lost 11lb the first week and I think about 8lb the 2nd week - so deffo try going the full 2 weeks without a bar as once you have one, there isn't no going back.


Essay! That took my mind off of food for a good 10mins :)


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 15st5lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.93%)
Gr8 thanks for that I must freeze the tetra tomorrow and have it! Sounds yummy!

I think Ive cleaned every inch of my house to keep busy. Still getting to grips with the website tho...theres so many threads its hard to keep up.

I think I can have the bars in the 2nd week (correct me if Im wrong).
Im gonna keep the coke as a treat if Ive been extra good with water etc but not gonna go to town on it. I tried the Lipotrim before but I just couldnt stomach the shakes. Ive just polished off a strawberry one and OMG its lovely! Im a bit put off the soups too but I did keep 1 chicken and mushroom one just to try again.

Dying to go for my weigh in on sunday (Eager Beaver!!)
I did a test on the ketostiks today and Im in the pink :scale:

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