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sugar free sweets


Hippety Hop!
Just a wee word of warning about those sugar free sweets... have you checked the ingredients etc., as some have the warning on them that if you eat more than a couple they will have a laxative affect and also cause a lot of flatulence!

LOL! I read the back of the packet and saw the warning about 'laxative effect' I will not eat too many to avoid wind, but the laxative part has been helpful! I've tried the Sula strawberry and also the caramel sweets which are lovely (in small doses) also extra sugar free mints are brilliant when I am at work (chewing gum not v professional). Thanks emmaline I will enjoy in small doses!


** Chief WITCH **
I do sporadically partake during the day in sugar free sweets at work... but where cravings for drinks and snacks in front of the TV in the evening go, I'd say to try not to go there too much as part of your reeducating your food/drink habits. We don't even notice what goes down at those times so far better to work on finding something else to do/drink at those times methinks ;)

I have had guests over from England recently and I was staggered at how much they consumed in the evening (not just drink, but the nibbles too...)
So true - it is a real weakness of mine post 8pm when the daily grind is over having a treat - this will be tough especially without my usual glass of wine.


** Chief WITCH **
How about hanging onto "something" to eat in the evening from your usual daytime fare? If you have a dessert with your dinner, eat it later. Or even, now that the evenings are longer and lighter, use that time more usefully (something I try to do weekends in the country, but can't quite get the hang of weekdays after work!)

Your liver will thank you ;)
I got some SF rhubarb and custards from my local sweet shop - there are lots of 'proper' sweets available that are SF - unfortunately the shopkeeper tells me they all still have the undesirable side effect of wind! Still they are yummy - I'm hardly eating any SF sweets now, so looks like the cravings have eased off a bit!

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