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Sunbed Creams .....


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Am guna start the sunbeds once pay day arrives - get me a nice base tan for the summer and get me brown to show off my new figure - when it arrives! ha

But, i am wondering, anyone here use sunbeds?

If so, what suncreams are best??????

p.s i know sunbeds are bad but hey ho :copon:
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Hey chick,
I love the sunbeds, have about 2 per week. Firstly ask the person in the sunbed shop which cream to use and they'll let you know as there as so many different ones, some with bronzers, cooling sensations and tingling heated sensations.
I do tho advise to use a cream as this keeps your skin lovely and moisturised, I use the tingling heated creams but I've got a base tan, I started on deep tan enhancing australian gold cream(they'll probably sell this in the tan shop)x


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Thats what i have been thinking - but i dont want a bronzer one but have read the australian gold ones are good!


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lol thats the reason i dont want em either!

guna have a nose on ebay now - hopefully for a bargain! lol


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Ello lover, after my 8-5 job i run a sunbed shop haha

6-9 nightly and 3-8 on a saturday :D busy busy

Best cream i think is either Australian gold, no bronzers just the normal cream, or Emerald Bay Bikini babe, has got a little bit of bronzer in but not enough to go streakey or have orange hands, has sparkles in to an smells lovely..

the emeral bay ones are all brilliant

DO NOT GET MOJO u will go bright red, an then go orange from the false tan, stings too aha

Black Onxy is another good one but make sure u dont get the tingle one, get the non tingle one...

we stock loadssss in our sh an get all the broschures so if u need anythin give me a shout ;)



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I love the sunbed too :) starting again for the summer so ill be going 2-3 times a week for my hol in may.I dont use any cream as i tan quite easy after a few goes and would hate to burn myself.Although i do look at them everytime i go in lol.Go on ebay theres loads but a few crap ones too.
I tell my bf i go in for a warm lol as im soooooo nesh lol.
Have fun and cant wait to see your tan.



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What do sunbed creams do? I have fair skin and do tan eventually but can burn easily. Would I be better using a sunbed cream or will they make me burn?
Excuse me ladies.....have you not watched 10 years younger???? Hate to put a fly in your ointment, but unless you would like to have skin like cracked leather in your 40's and 50's, I suggest you fake it all the way and leave the Foreman Grill.....sorry, Sun-Beds well alone!!!


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Lol supa - its not as if i am going to start using them religiously! Just to get a nice base tan to get me going! I hate using fake tan - thats why i dont bother with it!!!

Thanks for the advice girlys, and lovely lauren - very helpful indeed cheers :D And you work ina sunbed shop ... coooool!! lol


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I know that fake tanning can be dead messy and leave you smelling like a rusty biscuit tin, but I can recommend one that's really good. It's called Xen Tan, it doesn't streak (totally idiot proof), smells gorgeous when your putting it on, blends really well so you could actually put it on and go out the same night and you don't get that awful "I'm wearing fake tan" after smell.

I'm doing the moonwalk in may (over night marathon in my bra) and I'm going to Xen Tan myself for that as a tanned wobbly bits seems to look better than pure white wobbly bits


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lol lou! i have never heard of that moonwalk before ... your nuts!!!!


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Falsetan is full of checmicals, in the long term can do as much damage to your skin, no sun exposure or chemical exposure is good for the skin,

so in moderation both are equal i would say...

Kirsty, just put a towl over ur boobs hun... i would..

Sorry to be a sour puss on your tanning plans BUT I can't not say anything seeing as I look after leukaemia and cancer patients daily... Sunbeds are not a 'safe' alternative to sun tanning. Sunbeds give out UV rays just like the sun. Exposure to UV rays, whether from the sun or a sunbed, damages the DNA in your skin cells which can cause skin cancer. In fact, the intensity of some types of UV rays from sunbeds can be up to 10-15 times higher than that of the midday sun.

Look it up folks, pale is in anyway!!


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If you are sensible using sunbeds i dont see any reason not to use them. Although i do understand where you are coming from flubber and i do know the risks.

Ya know what - weirdly, i actually like the smell of fake tan! lol
Oh well ! I suppose I'll have to wait until natural white skin is desirable, I think Kelly Osborne and Sophie Ellis Bexter look divine!!! Just had my weekly WI ..... YEA!!!!!


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lol lou! i have never heard of that moonwalk before ... your nuts!!!!
Yes, I must admit I'm getting a little worried that I may die during the walk. We've only signed up for the half marathon, but it's still 13 miles in my bra and I'm not what you would call fit at the moment. I'm wondering whether I should refeed the week before just so that I have enough energy to drag myself around the course. It'd be so embarrassing to die on the streets of London with my boobies practically on display for all to see!


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Unfortunately I'm a typical Irish colleen! Snow-white skin with freckles that wouldn't tan if I holidayed on Mars- so it's fake tan always for me! I don't mind- I've seen too many mahogony leather-skinned women around to be jealous that they can 'take' a colour better than me! A stink-free fake tan would be a godsend though!


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Hiya Lauren, thats what i was thinking but apparantly the uv goes through?!?! And can make the scars become lumpy??

Dont think i can last another 4 weeks though, i had to put tan on last night and i absolutely stink today :(

Through the towl?? maybe not then!

eurgh i hate false tan i always smell like curry an end up with orange bits haha

least uv got fab boobies even if they are a lil bit pale haha



My husband = My hero
maybe still in 3 weeks cover urself with a towl hunni so its not so direct?

I love the sunbeds, i know there bad for me, but so is smoking, drinking and most things other people do that i dont really participate in, so im guna have my one luxury in life thats bad for me and enjoy it with a radiant glow haha


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