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SUNDAY hour by hour xx lets have a good one!

Morning Everyone

Hows it going?

I am still going strong but finding it hard to stick strictly to my new 1000 plan. I keep going over on the fruit and also having a splash of my ds full fat milk in my coffee!:eek: Got to try and get myself in gear next week.

Come on you lot, WAKE UP!!!!:D:D Nobody is allowed to stay in bed if i'm not:D

Hope everyone has a good day xxxx
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Good morning Jodiejojo, glad you are doing ok...you do love your fruit don't you? :D

I managed a short lay in this morning...up now and ready to tackle another day.

Just having a hot summer berry to get be going..and then must get on and do some washing. :confused:

Will be on here on and off all day...no work for me, have a client at noon and then the rest of the day is mine!!

Have a great day everyone...

Morning Maggie

No sweet shop temptations for you today then?! You do so well working there without giving in!

Yes, I think I have become a fruitaholic! At least its changed from a choc/sweet/biscuit/aholic! lol:D


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It can be hard at times...........at least fruit is a healthy option. I will really look forward to the fruit soon.
Not sure what to do about next week thou, my Birthday Tuesday and Hubby has written BUSY in my diary covering 4 days...It's looks as though he is taking me away somewhere, he won't tell me!
I don't want to sound ungrateful but I really need to stay focused on the CD, at least for a bit longer.
I think it is going to be a hard week for me.


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Morning, you must be lucking forwad to your birthday - I hope you go somewhere nice!

I am going to face the greatest temptation ever today - I'm going home to see my mum who will no doubt be cooking some fabulous sunday dinner - Help!

To take my mind off things I'm going to treat myself to a new hairdo - I'm a serial extension addict and bored of the current ones so going for a complete colour change and probably will have straigh hair instead of the curly birds nest I'm sporting at the moment. Can't wait.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!
oooooo thats exciting Maggie - i wonder what your dh is up to?!

I know what you mean about not wanting to sound ungrateful but i think thats because when we are on cd we feel so in control (which is a very unusual feeling for most of us) and so if there is a situation put upon us (even a lovely one - like a weekend away) it really unnerves us and there is the fear of losing that control and everything going to pot.

Your dh is aware that you are on cd so hopefully it wont be a few days away to cadburys world but rather something nice and relaxing! Just prepare yourself, get your shakes/bars/water packed and do the best you can. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time whatever! xxx
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Morning everyone.

Gosh Jodie, I heard that wake up call all the way here in Wales!! I'm up :D. Sorry you're finding 1000 plan hard at the moment, but at least you're only overeating on fruit, not nasty carbs! It is funny how tastes change. I came home from the Liverpool meet just after midnight and was a bit peckish. I raided my Mum's fridge and ended up with some ham. She had some gorgeous looking bread in the bread bin and I got a piece out, sniffed it, turned my nose up at it and put it back! I was actually hunting for vegetables!!! How mad is that! Mind you I shouldn't be eating anything coz I'm on SS :eek:.

Maggie, I'm glad you've managed to get a day to yourself - enjoy it! As to the upcoming week, it might be hard but you've got to just take it a day at a time and make a decision at a time. I know you are focussed on CD at the moment but you've got to try and enjoy what Hubby has planned. If you worry about CD it will only make it more difficult to make good decisions (the harder you try to resist something and all that). Sending you lots of +ve :vibes::vibes::vibes:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Yes you're right JJJ I'm sure it will be lovely. I will take my bars and shakes away with me.
DH has been very supportive, so you are right I don't think it will be Cadbury world LOL.....maybe next time eh!!!
good morning everyone :D

I've been up a while, just didn't switch the computer on for some reason. I'm feeling a bit tired today as I was still up at 4am, unable to sleep.

I also need to tackle all the jobs I didn't do yesterday. I was really lazy and did virtually nothing, so the Mount Everest pile of ironing is still there, plus loads of cleaning and tidying up. I don't want to do any of it :sigh:

On a plus note, my SS is going brilliantly well and I'm looking forward to a good loss on Wednesday morning.

Jo, I think you might become a fruitarian, like the girl on Notting Hill (does anyone remember that bit?), but at least you are eating nice healthy things. Does having a bit of extra fruit matter that much on 1000 plan?, I guess I'll find out when I get there myself.

Well I'm planning on lurking quite a bit of today. I just need someone to kick my a.. and tell me to do some housework!

back soon no doubt :)
Yes a Fruitarian SG! That was the word i was looking for! lol

I don't think the extra fruit is making much difference actually as i've still lost each week. This is my first week on 1000 so feeling abit apprehensive about wi next week. Its weird but when you start eating things you haven't been allowed for months you feel quite anxious and worried that you are suddenly going to balloon!

Mind you, Tara lost 2lbs this week on her first week of 1000 so i shouldn't be worried at all.
I need to make sure I work my way properly through the stages this time. I never bothered last time, just SS up till Christmas then tucked into all the naughty stuff for about 2 weeks. It killed me getting back onto SS and I never got to goal :eek:

I'm only going to be about half way in December, and that's if I'm really good until then, but I need to re-think my brain.

You're doing brilliantly Jo. I really admire the way you're doing it properly. I'm just not sure I have that willpower. That's why I like SS. The option to eat is gone!!!
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Morning all

Unfortunately still trying to fight off this bad chest but am feeling a bit better each day. WI tomorrow - see what affect the diabetic cough medicine has had!! Then off on holiday for a week, really looking forward to it and hopefully can recharge my batteries.

Maggie, how exciting, hope it is something lovely and as everyone has said pack up your shakes and you'll be grand.

JJJ it is good to see you working through the plans and succeeding, even if you are having a bit too much fruit, better than all the bad stuff you could be indulging in. Will keep my fingers crossed for your first 1000 plan WI.

A new hairdo sounds lovely Chika and good luck with the Sunday lunch, I plan to treat myself to a new hairdo when I get to goal but not sure what at the mo!

Having a lazy day today and then cleaning and packing tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Hi Georgie

Glad you are feeling abit better hun. Hope it clears up fully very very soon xxxxx

Where are you going on holiday?
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Thanks JJJ

I'm off to a little island off the coast of Malta, called Gozo. Not much there just rest and relaxation and I can't wait!!

How's your day going?

Afternoon all sorry ive not been able to get on much we've been having terrible internet connection problems and i seem to have gotround 2 of this gruesome cold but now not only do i have a snotty nose but a lovely sore throat to go with grrr wouldnt mind but i'm taking vitamins everyday too grrrrr so yet again my plans to go to the gym have been scuppered but im refusing it stopping me going tomorrow after work.......praying that my car will actually work....it's on the drive now with a giant rug over the bonnet to keep the damp out lmao stupid car!!!!

Hows everyones day going?


Talks too much
oops dont know what happened there, stupid computer. was tryin to say ive had a GREAT day so far, my boyfriend had a very big match today and they won!! woohoo!! so am very happy. during the match a member of the other team tried to start a row with my bf but he just laughed at him and walked off, looking all sexy and dignified. think im in love! not such a good day food wise but im not too worried, cos tomorrow is monday and EVERYONE knows u can only start a(nother) diet on monday, u cant start a diet on a sunday cos thats the law lol!!

can u tell im in a good mood????
lol Delli that sounds great you must be so proud of him hun!!!! Well ive decided i HATE being a woman my nipple feels like it's going to fall off its hurting so much i HATE PERIOD PAINS ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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