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Morning all,

How are you, sorry I have been away at a horse show since Friday lunch time and didnt arrive back til very late last night. Very successful, two wins plus and championship and reserve so worthwhile.

I do hope everyone if fine and getting on hunky dory, I will catch up on your posts throughtout out the day.

Getting excited about going to my restart on Friday, so watch out you lot.;)
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Hi everyone feel bloody miserable today. Miss food sooo much, making full english for my lot shortley am tempted but shall resist. Cannot sleep at all fell utterly fed up.
Sorry you feel down Lola sending hugs:grouphugg:


longs to be average!
Hey - know how you feel Lola, i've been tempted and hungry since Friday!

Was woken this morning by ASDA having a noisy delivery at 7 this morning, so will be going in there later and kicking up yet another stink - considering they claimed they wanted to be good neighbours, they have a bizarre idea on what a good neighbour is! So got up, went into the ensuite to get my dressing gown and had the worst case of dizziness i have ever had. So stumbled downstairs and had another bout of dizziness.

Supposed to be going to an Art show in Southend-on-Sea today - my Mother in Law has a few paintings in the show - she's really good, she did a painting last year which I adore, but she won't let me have it - so if it is in the show, will have to buy it instead!!

Have a good day every one.
Morning peeps!

Hope everyone is well today! Lady, nice to see you back, and good luck withyour re-start! You know you can do this, so sink your heart and soul into it and you will be right back in the game! Hey - ia all the AGM stuff finished and behind you now? I hope so!!

Chin up Lola - it's going to go fast, and you will have food again. Try not to let it get you down hon.....not long now. :)

Give em hell Corey!! :D

Don't really have much on the agenda today - another wardrobe clearout I think. I got drawn to the Charity shops again. SUch a bad girl!! :whoopass: I just love these 2 we have in town - they always have the loveliest selection of really good quality brands. I actually bought 2 dresses yesterday!!! Along with a number of other things. hehe. I gave my hubby a little fashion show of what I had bought - he's eyes popped out when I came down in a well fitted dress.....he's never seen me in one before!!! :rotflmao: 8 years - first proper dress. :D But it is gorgeous - it is such good quality - and it fits like a glove! It's label says Bon Marche....? Are they any good? I was impressed with the quality - nice fabric, hidden zipz, fully lined with a silky fabric so the fit is dead smooth. Just love it! He loved it too, so I guess it's good to go. Will probably wear it at my moms birthday party - give everyone a shock!!! LOL But man - do I need some sun on my legs or WHAT! :D The other dress I bought is so pretty, but I think I need a little something under it to help smooth my post-hysterectomy tum. :( I don't think that extra skin is going to go anywhere but down! :rotflmao: Time to start a tummy tuck donation jar! Any sponsers welcomed!! :D

I can't believe the difference in the clothes I am choosing now - I love my changing wardrobe - all really lovely colours and fabrics, not bulky heavy baggy black things -and clothes are taking less room on the hangers - its sooo rewarding.

On my list of things to do today - a nice long walk and I am buying a new Digital Camera online wiht my birthday money. It was meant for clothes, but between my 2 moms, us and a very generous friend who has promised a mini spree to me for my birthday pressie, I decided to splash out on a camera......then I can take some decent NOW pics. :)

Still haven't got my before/afters from my LLC. Grrrrrrrr. I suppose that is one disadvantage to having an LLC who has never struggled with weight - she doesn;t seem to grasp how important these pics are to us!

ANyway - blabbed enough for one go, so y'all have a nice day now, y'hear? :D

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Oh yeah - thinking about fitted dresses, hubster has seen me in one, only one....my wedding dress.

I realised, how many women, 20 years later pull out their dress and try it on,hoping and praying it still fits!

Not Us!!!! No way man - don;t ever want that to fit again! Hubby said when I am at goal, and down the road, we will take it to be altered to my new slim size and get married again!! hehe. It was such a beatiful dress, really, would love to see it in a slim version, but can imagine the costs to do so. Perhaps we will just photshop it! :D

But yeah - hope it never fits again as is!!
Hey All, hope ur all well! Corey that would judt cheese me off getting woken up like that! :(

LL-Congrats with the win! :)

BL- Nice 1, how lovely to get in to that dress, wss Bon Marche are good! i love shopping for clothes now, but don't spend that much yet! I mean i used to spend a fotune in Evans before and its nice being able to shop in Primark, Supermarkets, Next e.t.c.

I am a size 14-16, but some size 14 are tight from the tummy and thigh area, so thats something im hoping to just tone up and lose through exercise!
Good morning one and all, had a nice sleep last night and feel all the better for it - don't have much planned for today, hubby has had to abandon me and go to work so that's not much good - it's a really wet and grey day out there too so no walks, bike rides or outdoor pottering about ..... guess it's just gonna be the joys of washing, drying and ironing.

Good to have you back Lady, well done on the show - some great results there. Are you looking forward to your restart?

Lola don't feel blue, think of how far you've come - you're doing brilliantly and you should be feeling so proud of yourself ((hugs))

Corey I'd be kicking ass if Asda woke me up at 7am on a Sunday - give em hell! If you buy the painting you'll have to post a pic for us to look at - hope you get it.

BL - wooohooo you in your fitted dresses, bet you look gorgeous and feel even better :D Wouldn't mind a pic of you in that when you get your camera - really hope you get your photos from your LLC tomorrow.
Morning Slim ;)
Just an update on the AGM for all those who remember. Well its all finished and none of us are on the committee but been told we can go back on if we like, PMSL ha ha ha ha. The words "you must be joking spring to mind". Anyway we have all got our lives back and a lot more free time for ourselves.

Well I told you we had something up our sleeve, the committee run several shows and one of them had a class where you can qualify for the Horse of The Year Show. Great class to have and a real crowd puller as there are only 20 in the country.

To cut a long story short, the old committee are running our own show called The Thames Valley Horse and Pony Association and guess what, we have acquired the qualify from the previous show. Ha ha ha. We are total indepedant of any Society and will be donating some of the profits to the British Heart Foundation.

Sponsors welcome just pm me if you fancy your name or company name on our schedule. Minimum £10 upwards.

Oh I feel so smug.

Just back in from doing the horses rather sweaty as it is quite mild and I think I heard thunder.

I am very much looking forward to my restart, gonna start preparing myself this week by cutting down big time on carbs and upping water to the 4 litres.

I am not avoiding you all but now the showing season is in full swing many of my weekends are spent truddling around the country.

Have a good day everyone.
Come in Tanger and Positive Betty

Hello you two are you there somewhere:wave_cry:

Sorry I meant Tange but I dont know who to edit my title
I'm fine Slim - just been on my Wii Fit for first time and am Wii Knackered :D Just waiting for my son to have a go so that I can burn up calories laughing at him ;)

How are you finding RTM - do you feel better now?


longs to be average!
Just got OH to take some after photo's. David Bailey he certainly isn't!! He knelt on the floor and took pictures looking upwards - so the photo's have a really small torso and head, and absolutely huge hips and stomach. They really gave an inpression all right - think I will wait till LLC takes them!!
BL he was brilliant, he was so BAD at the step one it was hysterical --- love it :)


Striving for slimness
Morning all, I laso just been on my wii fit, it tells me I have lost 1lb since I went on last which was very cool! Also reduced my wii fit age! It's so fun! Wsa just doing yoga though and my muscles hurt already!

Well a very relaxed sunday for me,didnt even get up til 11am! and off to the cinema tonight.

Hope everyone has a lovely sunday xx
afternoon all,

Woke up to a lovely day today which is brill considering it was rotten here yest! The only problem is i may not be able to enjoy it as i will have to get back to bed for some zzzzzz's.Doing another 12 hour night shift tonight but thankfully its the last one then its onto 12 hour days. (which is the wort of the 2 evils?!) Also my wee girl tried to get my choccie shake this morning again. I think she may wanna start young. Anyways hope you all have a good sunday.

Lisa xx
Wow - just worked out what I am going to need for my holiday.

140 packs!!! LOL - going to need a msall suitcase for my packs, Marigold, flavourings, mixing jug, etc. I ordered a stick blender on ebay to be delivered to my moms house, so it will be there ready and waiting.

I hope hope HOPE my LLC can get this all together....if I have to go away with horrible bars and shake flavours, I am going to be in big trouble!! FINGERS CROSSED!

Today, I am smoking like there is no tomorrow. Because, for my smoking, there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow, the patches go on, and the fags go bye bye. <fingers crossed it's as easy as this diet has been!!>

Hope you are all having a nice day! Off to play in my wardrobes now. :D
Be careful going through customs with all that powdered stuff in your case:D:D:D

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