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Def wants to be slim!!!
Happy sunday!

Morning Jess & those who follow!
I had another fab night's sleep... Total death breath tho - lol lol lol!
Feeling fab about achieving a clear weekend, getting over day 3/4/5 & now just gonna get my head down and get to the end! I am truly hoping not to take any diversions, I want this journey to be as direct and quick as possible! I've learnt that the scenic route isnt best for me on this occasion!
Anyway - less ramblings! I did brill on water yesterday over 4l and intend to do the same today!
Sitting and sipping all day!
I'm off to the arcade for a game or 2 - back in a bit!
xx xx xx


Cambridge Consultant
Morning Jessica and all.
Hope all is well.. and heres for another 100% day too!! If you can get through the weekends you can get through anything!!

I hope the sun comes out too Jessica.... want to take the boys out later... DH is working today...

I was so happy I found a pair of jeans that have not worn in ages for some reason I kept them.. and tried them on today and they FIT!!! wohhhhhhhh so happy!!

Have a good day everyone x


Silver Member
Morning, thanks for starting this early! lovely day here.

Think we'll go out for a walk later. Just a day at home for me today but might have a friend visiting in the afternoon, haven't told her about CD yet.

here's to a good day for us all. x


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Jessica & Watermel! And Angela & Curly! Mornin.... the sun is shining brightly here, looks fab. YAY!!! Have just been catching up with yesterday's thread, looks like everyone did well!

I went a bit off plan... not at housewarming party, nor at mum's afterwards where we had a visist with my brother & sis in law, but after that we went to see friends who were sitting out with music & a bonfire... awwww. It was fab. I was a little bit off plan, 3 oatcakes & 1 drink, but could have been much worse & hadn't had my 810 meal so hopefully it was OK (ish). Back on straight and narrow today, but that little random evening was SO much fun, must have burned some cals dancing in the dark on the grass to all these old 80s tracks... sigh!

Going to make a coffee/choc 'latte' to stave off pick-pangs...

hiya, all and katycakes, my fellow team 26 member!
Sounds like you had a great night last night. Suns shining here gonna go out and paint my garden fence, take my mind off food!!!!


Stubborn tortoise
Hey, Fluff! I am in painting mode too, had my choc-latte, off to change into ikky painty clothes and slap some blue on the shed. Blue-sky moment, coming my way!

I went a bit off plan... 3 oatcakes & 1 drink, but could have been much worse & hadn't had my 810 meal so hopefully it was OK (ish). xxx
Sounds like a good night and you chose well - it could have been alot worse!!!!

Sun has come out now so off to sort washing out!

Have just booked me and hubby a night away on 2nd May. Kids are off to grandparents. The room is a VIP one with a balcony overlooking the River Dee. Im so excited -

and lets hope TOTM arrives SOON as I certainly dont want it there that night;) xxx


Sounds alike a great night Katy - and oatcakes aren't too bad in the grand scheme of things. Well done for getting the exercise i n too!

Watermelon - your heads definitely in the right place. I wish at times we could bottle that determination.

In the shower this morning, I was thinking I might be having a midlife crisis at 27. I was thinking I only get a finite amount of time here on earth. And I don't want to spend it wishing about "what ifs" and "next months I'll...." You only get one crack at this and I'm going to make mines count. I want to be remembered, not in a famous way, but by friends and family "Ahhh, Lexie, She always lived it to the full"

I don't know whats wrong with me, think I might still be a bit hormonal from TOTM. Feel a bit giddy and slightly high

In other news, stepped on scales this morning and have dropped 1.5 lbs since yesterday weigh in. Think I can gladly say cheerio to the water retention. See ladies, relax into it and it will be fine.

Sitting with a toffee and walnut shake, I shoved some coffee into it too. Who needs Starbucks.



I think I need a lie down, bit excited there....


Def wants to be slim!!!
well done both of you half way on tickers... yeh - soon you'll have more behind you than in front which will be an even better feeling xx xx:D:D:D


Gold Member
hey everyone :)

sorry i've been awol. haven't been able to keep up with everything :)

today's my day nine. am feeling rather light headed today :S

i have my first official weigh in tomorrow evening. am nearly 1.5 litres down so far today. am hanging on for another half an hour or so for my first pack methinks :)

abz xx


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Abz.
Your doing really well !! Good luck with your first wi.. I am sure you will be very happy with your results..
Keep up the water its so good. It is hard but so worth it.
I just had a yummy chocolate shake with ice.. it was so nice.


Gold Member
i'm thinking two hot chocolates out of my tetra are in store. i'm frozen!! my fingers don't want to work the keys... and since i work in IT... that's kind of difficult!!

abz xx


Absolutely Determined!
Morning everyone! Sorry I can't reply individually! (My memory isn't great haha). Well done to all of you though :hug99:

It's a gorgeous day, so why am I still in my dressing gown? I've written a list of things to do today (I can't function without lists) and so far have done none of them! I am a procrastinator extraordinaire!
As Lexie says, In other news (love it!!) I am on day 5 and feeling great. No cravings for food, sleeping better than ever, nails and skin starting to look better already, and I feel a sense of calm around food that I never thought would exist for me. I have done some major demon tackling lately, and I feel so alive.
Now, if only I could get dressed and start on my chores. . .


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sounds like you are really rockin' and rollin' paula :D

well i'm just having my first tetra as two hot chocolates. it spreads it further, tastes yummy and gives me a bit of extra water, which i'm struggling with lately, ha. although today so far i've had 1.5 litres so that's not so bad :)

have finally finished putting ribbon on my wedding invitations although i'm sure i'm going to discover that there are some i've forgotten in a box somewhere so i'm going to have to find my guest list :)

abz xx


likes to post
hi everyone and well done on the losses. I've been up since 5 am, full of energy. been to the gym, done my exercise plan and swam 50 lenghts. just done ketosis test back in at last

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