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SUNDAY.....Lets do it hour by hour


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning folks....here we are another dreary day in Clacton, suppose Summer must be over now :(

Just having a hot fruity drink to start my day. Still feeling ok with diet, amazed really that I have stayed so positive for so long now. :)

Working this afternoon til late so won't be posting much today so I hope everyone has a good day...keep glugging the water.:tear_drop::tear_drop:

Good lucj everyone.
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Good Morning Maggie,

I dont think summer even started really. Perhaps we'll have a heatwave in September.... wishful thinking eh.

Just having my first coffee. I have three coffees, one after the other in the morning to get me going. My caffiene addiction is terrible.

Ive got a day to myself today as Neil is taking the kids over to his mum and dads. Im going window shopping to see what size I am!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Sam, I have trouble with black coffee so just stick to water.:tear_drop:
Why not treat yourself to something nice this afternoon even if it's something small...we all deserve a treat as we have done so well on diet. :)
Yesterday I treated myself to some nail exensions look really good, ca't stop looking at them. :p
Have a lovely day
Morning all!
Afraid I have a confession....
Pitched into a bar of fruit and nut last night :eek::eek:
Am glugging as much as I can this morning though, I feel a bit [email protected], its made me feel unwell if that makes sense?
Am gonna SS today, and put it behind me.
Have a good day all


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
HI Niki...put it behind you and get back on track to day and yes keep drinking.:tear_drop::tear_drop:..You have done so well, not far to go now...keep in there
Have a good day:)
Good Morning Ladies,

I too fell of the SS wagon last night:break_diet:I'd had a perfect day until my son started cooking last night (he's 14 and wanted to show off his new skill of making spinach & feta pie)...I know I shouldn't have, but he was sooo keen for me to try it that I had some with salad & home made tzatziki :eek:

I've got a terrible headache, but ketostix show very mild pink so all may not be lost...plenty water today methinks :mad:
Morning all

Feeling sorry for myself this weekend I'm afraid... TOTM. Thankfully didn't have much in the way of PMT before hand but now insides feel like they are turning themselves inside out so snuggled up with a hot water bottle.

Enjoy the window shopping Sam, pick out something special for your birthday! Nicky don't worry about the blip, you have done so well so far and in the grand scheme of things it's nothing. Red a salad really isn't that bad just get back on the wagon and put it behind you. Have a good day at work Maggie.

Enjoy your Sundays.

Morning all

Well im really really starving, thats how I feel!! I woke up hungry :( and my belly feels hot inside which says bile to me :( Im going to try and drink a liter of water and then see about having half my shake.

Have to try and get to tescos today for some more peppermint tea bags.

Otherwise just pottering about the house, trying to tidy up and probably sleeping later ths afternoon if the weakness is the same as yesterday

Hope everyone is feeling better than I am :)

lil l
Hi guys, can I join you for hour by hour motivation? Weekends are the worst and I was hoping to get outside for some shopping today but it's still drizzling here in North Wales.

Had the day off CD on Friday (well actually Thursday night and Friday) because it was my birthday. Was back on track yesterday and want to get through today because I've picked for the last few Sundays - mostly boredom!

Hope everyone else is ok xxx.
Morning all,

Hope u all had good day yesterday.
I wasnt around here much yesterday as was busy, my 12yr old daughter had rugby training int the morning, then left h2b at home with kiddies while i went sainsburys, got home just had time to put stuff away b4 me n my three sprogets went to a family gathering (90min journey each way) didnt get home till 2am so sat here now kinda pooped!!!!. Didnt get to sleep till gone 2am friday night to didnt go out just couldnt get to sleep!!!!. so hopefully 5 kids will be gentle with me today
Hi All,

Well this is Day 6 for me and I am feeling great today so far. Yesterday evening was pretty hard, I went to the cinema with my OH and it was late and had not had my third shake as we had been out all day anyway resisiting the popcorn etc., was v.difficult but I DID IT - just sat and drank a litre of water through the film - felt very proud of myself at the end.

However when I got home I had some grilled chicken with my third shake and was totally stuffed, and I've lost another 2lbs today which brings total weight loss up to 9lbs, I am waiting until tomorrow night to post my final weight loss for WK 1 but I am hoping for around 10lbs which would be great.

Also yesterday I had my first universal contour wrap which was good, I lost 8 inches all over and definitely feel my trousers lighter. I am having another one down in 10 days as I booked a course of three, I'll let you know if I lose much more inches.

Dont know how much I will be on today as I have a friend coming down, planning on making lunch for everyone but I will just have my shake.

Just remember guys we can do it!!!
Today is day 6 for me too.

As you know i was really worried about the weekend with my husband eating but it didn't bother me, i didn't drink as much water yesterday as i should have done, it seems much easier to keep glugging away when i'm at work for some reason.

Anyway felt really pleased yesterday cause we had to go to tesco and it was hard not looking at the food and trying to be enthuiastic about my hubbys tea lol but i did it.

Got on the scales this morning and yesterday i had lost 7 pounds and today it's 9 so it seems to be melting away, thank god
Going to see my mum and dad today as it's dads birthday so there will be cake but i am not having any
Hi Everyone
I have eaten yesterday , all salty stuff , prawns , ham, hallumi cheese, popcorn, and choco munchi ! DONT KNOW WHY! Havnt manged to get back into Ketosis since I ate a my friends dads funeral and I have been using it as an excuse I think to eat a bit of this and a bit of that, but it all stops today. I am going to keep busy today, and try and get this weight shifting again. My CDC is back off holiday on Monday so WI loooms , best get glugging the water down flush out all that salt before it causes water retention and some serious weight gain!
Good luck girls , Sundays are HARD!
Hi guys

Day 2 for me, day 1 was good, had couple of slices of ham to see me through though. Aiming for total SS day today. Just off to have a tetra as tummy is grumbling. Had 2 litres of water so far so going well today as well.
Afternoon all! Day 2 of AAM week - loved my meal last night but did find I was tempted to pick! Didn't give in and kept glugging that H2O!!!

Georgie - heading to TOTM this week myself so ((((((((((hugs))))))))))) for you!!

Sam - think this is first I've realised you've put your pic on your Avatar - you look fab and as I've said since MY day one.... you're my inspiration! Keep strong!

Good luck to all - especially those with family gatherings etc, they can be a nightmare!!!! I'll be sitting down to Sunday dinner with the family as usual but instead of soup I'll be having chicken and veg!!!! Gonna make crisps too to fill up the plate!

Have a great day all - love and hugs....
Sam - think this is first I've realised you've put your pic on your Avatar - you look fab and as I've said since MY day one.... you're my inspiration! Keep strong!
Aww what a lovely thing to say. Thank you.

Ive been shopping today. I was meant to be window shopping only but couldnt resist a pair of
size 16 Jeans

And they fit perfectly. Woohoo....

However, those changing room mirrors are so unflattering and today I have realised again how far I still have to go. My resolve is stronger again now. I have just phoned up to book a free trial at the local gym on Tuesday and am going to try my hardest to SS from now on.
Thanks Trudz - I hate TOTM so hugs to you too!

Woo hoo size 16 aye Sam that must be fabby, good luck with the gym. I have one at work but am ashamed to say I have never used it, that is going to change when I feel a bit more comfortable with my weight.

Also yesterday I had my first universal contour wrap which was good, I lost 8 inches all over and definitely feel my trousers lighter.
Oooh! How long to the effects of these wraps last?
Well done re popcorn:) I hope you both enjoyed the film.
well Im feeling much better. I think water definately helps. Ive had half a shake so far and 2 litres, will keep on glugging.

Had a half-bothered measure - lkost 3 inches off waist, 3 off hips, 2 off arms ( ish) Couldnt resist, I wanted to wait till tomorrow night when it will be a full week :)

Confused now, trying to get hold of my cdc, to see what the plan should be for inoculations. just been told I might have to go onto AAM or 790 until I go in 6 weeks.... the whole point of this was to get back into my bikini, and if I wont get back into it then dont know whether to give up totally or what!

Mind you, I am feeling quite chuffed with the CD today, not hungry really, and feeling quite lively.

OH is having spag bol for tea again which I cant stand so Im going to be happy with that- although he keeps suggesting nandos! BOYS EH?!?!

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