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** Sunday Shrinkage , Daily Thread **

morning everyone :) hope we are allhaving great wekkends :)

I amstill very happy to be in the pink finally and feel loads better , although the biscuit barrel continues to scream my name !!!

I have my weigh in tomorrow morning , my scales are showing a 3lb loss which I will be very happy with after having that bad day..... :)

We aretaking the kids and my parents to the national Railway Museum in York today , my dad loves trains and the kids loved it lasttime so thought it would be a nice trip out .. and its free :) I have made a ack up for the hubby and kids and have a peanut bar for me :) just hope I can last an hour and a half in the car without a wee stop .. athough there are plenty of services on the M1 :)

Hope you all have a great day
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hope you are all having a great day its raining here so not got any plans for today just do some washing lol cant wait for my first weigh in on monday but had a couple of off days so not hoping for lots. Well good luck with your sunday.

Magz x
I'm in work, and I've come to the conclusion that work is better in ketosis. I see everyone moaning they're starving for lunch and I'm just not :)
Dancing on ice fest tonight at mine, and the fella is cooking a lovely meal for everyone but me, but I'll have Christopher Dean to keep me company so I don't mind (yum)

Google luck with today everyone!
Mornig Katie, have a fab time at York :) love it, fab day out ! And fingers crossed for that lovely 3lbs loss :)

Hi Trisha, walk for me too I hope now that the wind has dropped it was terrible yesterday so I had a rest day.

Sounds like a busy day Maggie, good luck for weigh in x

Hi Muhli - Ah love Dancing On Ice !!! I find it hard tho without nibbles !!! But good on you not having a meal !!!!!

As for me, well didn't get up til 10am ! Lovely lie in and 1st weigh in (I weigh on my scales and pop to see my CD Tuesdays for packs).....and 10lbs loss !!! Not as good as my 1st run of CD (11lbs) but still I am pleased with 10 !!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day x


this time - the last time
Well done Charley! 10lb is great! You got to be happy with that!

I'm having a lazy day. Find I can't get to the kitchen easily if I have trapped myself on the sofa with the computer.

Fingers crossed we might book a holiday today for august. Another incentive to ensure I hit goal this year!

Going to try a frozen tetra for tea tonight. See how I get on with it.
I'm soo pissed off! Severn Trent are useless! We (me and the street) have not had any water for three days! No hot water, no shower no washing machine! And there doing bugger all about it! Been on the phone every bloody day for hours with noone answering!!


Why Be Normal?
Morning All --

Congrats on the fab loss Charley!!! I did a VLCD in 2008. (This is only the second time I have ever made it past the second week.) My loss this week was 2 pounds -- but I have not upped my exercise, or been as good as I could be about my water.

@Katie - What a lovely thing for your children -- spending time with their parents and grandparents. Enjoy your day out.

@Trisha -- it still burns calories (housework) and I like being able to see a quick result (which isn't always the case with a diet). I am going to *sign* iron. I have to -- the room it is piled in has reached maxiumu capacity and my children are about to start going out of the house in their Jammies (which I don't iron). LOL

@maggief2 -- Good Luck with the weigh in tomorrow. The first one is always so motivational. :)

@Muhly -- I love Dancing on Ice... it should be a good show. It sounds like you have a good plan for this evening's food temptations.

@Janellekay -- I've not tried a tetra, yet. But the forzen thing sounds good. My CDC said to not freeze and let thaw or go manky. She said it is better to sort of slushy freeze and them eat.

Hi everyone, a boring and grim day for the Taurus family, Mr T working on a go live( he is a senior IT manager for a large outsourcing company) from home, brother-in-law very ill but won't go to hospital, been to see my dad this morning, the visit wasn't good, he was distressed, aggitated and abusive.
Would love to go to the park but too wet, swimming pool at leisure club on re-furb shut -down so think its an afternoon on the wii and games with Master T......the funny thing is despite the grim day I am not tempted to binge, so there is something to celebrate!
I love York, although its years and years since I last went, will defo take Master T when he older.
Well done on your loss Charley, 10lb is fab, bet no one loses that at sw or ww!
Jayellekay we finally booked our holiday last Sunday and I definitely it helps motivate you, no way do I want to feel the same way walking in and out of the pool as I did in August!
Trisha you are good doing your housework on a sunday, I do laundry but that's it really for me on a Sunday.
For the Dancing on Ice fans I think it really helps to have some tv to look forward to, a nice long distraction. When I stuck at it in Autumn 09 I found x-factor became my weekend treat instead of junk and wine.
MM well done on sticking it out beyond 2 weeks!
So sorry to hear about your water supply Kimmie, it must be making life very awkward, hope you get the water back on today.

Enjoy the rest of the day

Mrs T X
Hi everyone :) it's very grey and rainy in Leeds today! Hope you've all got better weather than I have.
Was silly last night and had half a frozen pizza. Back on it today though so feeling ok. Havent seen my CDC for 4/5 weeks now but she's coming round tomorrow and I'm dreading it!! I reckon ive put loads on. When I last saw her, I weighed myself as 14st 7.5 on my own scales (so I could keep track while she was away) and I weighed myself this morning as 14st 1.5!!!!! I'm not getting my hopes up though because her scales weigh me heavier!
Watching the footy at the moment. Newcastle v Sunderland. My OH is a Geordie and made me a Newcastle fan haha. His friend is here too who is a Sunderland fan so it's intense!!
Going to buy a new vacuum cleaner afterwards and do a spot of shopping. So excited at the thought of having a decent hoover haha.
Can't reply to everyone properly cos I'm on my iPod, but hope everyone is having a fab skinny day :)
Hi Mrs T and Felix -- I need to play on the Wii with my wee one! LOL

I am sooo tempted to buy a new hoover myself -- the one thing I really want to suck: doesn't (at least not well).

Please, let me know what make and model you settle on and how you like it.

Have only just got out of bed! Had 2 13 hr shifts in a row & have been so busy got off late last nite. My mouth feels like an old mans sweaty armpit!
Congrats charley on your 10lb loss fabulous news! Everyone else sounds like they are doing well for the weekend! Good luck for those with weigh ins tom! X
MinnieMel said:
Hi Mrs T and Felix -- I need to play on the Wii with my wee one! LOL

I am sooo tempted to buy a new hoover myself -- the one thing I really want to suck: doesn't (at least not well).

Please, let me know what make and model you settle on and how you like it.

I have reserved one at Argos which is reduced from 100 quid to 40!! It's a Vax upright one and it's got really good reviews. Was going to save up and get a Miele or a Dyson but my Hoover died on us this weekend so need one asap!! I am excited though, how sad haha :)
Iv got a dyson ball and I bloody love it! Was 340 when we brought it, it's the blue one an omg soo good lol
What I have now is Dyson (older -- bought it in 2003) -- my DS caught a ribbon in it burnt out the motor a couple of years ago. I spent over 100 quid fixing it... regret that. It has not worked as well since... and I should ahve put the money towards a Dyson Ball.

However, I'm thinking of a canister vacuum. And, I want one with bags. I have asthma and emptying the bagless ones is really awful for me.

@Felix -- That's great! And such a bargain.
whooo hooooo Charley , great 1st loss , keep it up :)

How was the frozen tetra jayellekay ?? I have one under my leg at the moment trying to make it squooshy sooner as i am starving !!

Had a great day at York , had my first pack at lunch time then we were there longer than expected ... Hubby decided to stop at a fish and chip restaurant for tea and I didnt have any shakes on me ... soooo I had fish .. but took all the batter off ( god that was hard , lovvvvve batter) and just ate the white fish .. it was yum and shouldnt do anything nasty to my diet :)

weigh in tomorrow .....
Mrs Taurus said:
Well done Katie, I also love anything in batter -although I have never tried the infamous battered Mars bar! x
There soooo nice! Sell them at the chipy lol mmmm sickly though lol

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