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Any one else hate sundays??!!
Im really struggling today , feel as if I have come up against a big wall that I need to get over. I have been really positive but today feels different. I just want to eat a nice roast dinner and it is the first time in 3 1/2 weeks that I have wanted to eat.:(:(:(
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Hi Kathryn, well done for admitting that you really fancy eating a roast dinner. I am a vegetarian so probably find it slightly easier to resist although I love nutroast.

I guess when you feel like this you have to think along the lines of 'if I eat this it will taste delicious BUT I will only have that taste and enjoyment whilst I eat it, which is a relatively short period of time. If I don't eat it and continue to lose weight the feeling of happiness at not being overweight will last me a far longer time because it will be permanent.

Hope I make sense. Hope you can overcome feeling like this.

It always used to be that if men had naughty thoughts they should take a cold shower but I'm not sure what we're supposed to do if we have naughty thoughts about food!!!! :D


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Hi Kathryn!
I used to hate Sundays too. Found that unless I was busy (which wasn't very often as like to see Sunday's as my 'stay in bed and do nothing days!) the day really seemed to drag. Found myself looking forward to lunch, then looking forward to dinner, then looking forward to my evening snack (usually a bar or hot shake)
So my advice is keep busy!
I started going to the gym more, going shopping, reading books etc.etc.
You will have moments of weakness, every time I walked past a cupcake I used to feel really fed-up, but it's how you deal with these feelings that will help you lose weight on LL and keep it off! Food is just food, maybe it's the social aspect of a sunday roast that your missing?
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I usually really struggly with Sundays, but today I lost over 4 hours trying to book concert tickets on line! By the time I came off the computer I should have had 2 packs!

Well done for resisting though!


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I'm sooo glad i am not the only one who hates sundays!! I am about ready to give it all up tonight when i've been so positive - and it's only the end of week 2 for me! The weathers been awful today, and it's suddenly hit me how much this impacts my social life. My boyfriend and I were going to go out for the day, we got half way there and i said lets go home - i just couldn't face that we'd have to stop somewhere for him to get something to eat and i wouldn't be able to eat, and even worse there's no point going to sit in a pub because i don't particularly want to pay to drink water! So feeling really down in the dumps tonight and i cannot tell you how tempted i am to give it all up. I'm sure tomorrow will be all better...i'm off for a bath and then an early night in hope tomorrow wont seem as bad!
S: 15st11lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st8lb(22.62%)
Well done fellow sunday strugglers on nearly getting to the end of the day!!
Im off for a bath and early night and tomorrow will be a better day :)


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G: 12st7lb
Kathryn, i hope you are feeling better today?
I find weekdays so much easier to contend with....and i really don't miss food but weekend - argh!

Luckily it's weigh night tonight...so i hoping i'll be spurred on by a weight loss! *fingers crossed*

Hope you all have a good day today! :)
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My goodness, I'm soooo glad it's not just me!!!! I have had a couple of slip-ups in the last couple of weeks (only been on LL for 2 weeks!) and they have both occurred on a Sunday. I'm not talking anything major, but I'm sure it was just general boredom and, as Hanmac said, I really miss the social aspect of eating at the moment. I had a bit of an emotional moment on Saturday as well though - we went out to a pub for lunch and I got quite teary when my hubby and girls were looking at the menu. My family are incredibly supportive and would happily have not gone if I had said how I was feeling, but I guess I don't want them to miss out because of me. I just turn into a bit of a numpty on the weekends to be honest!!

Thank you all so much for helping me realise I'm not alone...this sometimes feels like the loneliest diet ever!!

Pink x
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Me too! Definitely a "numpty" around food at the weekends though so far have managed not to slip...

I was quite grumpy yesterday because we all went out to a cafe and DH and my girls were having cake and sandwiches and fruit juice etc and I was sat there with a peppermint tea. Managed to pull myself together in the end - it's ME that is choosing to do this after all!

It's tough though - and hard to remember that you're not depriving yourself, you're actually being kind to yourself by waiting a few months to have these things.
S: 12st6lb C: 12st6lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 29 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
You are all doing so incredibly well. x
Stick with it girls. It is sooooo worth the painful start.
Once you've gone into ketosis and had a couple of weigh ins it will be like falling off a log and you will be so glad you carried on.
You don't have to become a hermit and stay in until you emerge like a slim butterfly though wouldn't that be great.
I used to fantasise about losing a load of weight during the winter and then coming out slim in the Spring and my neighbours not recognising me - and guess what? It happened !!

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