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Sunflower's journey to slimsville

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Sunflower1981, 25 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Sunflower1981

    Sunflower1981 Well-Known Member

    Well this is my 3rd week on SW so thought it was about time i joined in and started my own diary instead of sneaking around on other peoples :giggle:

    My name is Donna, im 33 and love running and all things exercise, i also love food far too much which is why i am here!!

    I am trying to cut out or at least cut down on meat as i walk my doggies up by the farm each day and all the baby sheep,pigs and cows make me feel guilty, im not perfect though so i do expect a few bits of fillet steak to sneak in along the way!

    I will follow Green days and extra easy when im being a naughty meat eater!

    Todays Food:
    Green day

    A1:45g Reduced fat Feta
    A2: 300ml SS Milk

    B1: 35g dorset cereals nutty muesli
    B2: 2 alpen light bars

    B: 35g dorset cereals muesli (b1), FF greek yogurt,strawberries and Banana

    L: Ainsleys Roasted Veg Couscous (1.5 for half a pack) 4 olives (0.5), cucumber,tomato,red onion & green leaves, 45g RF Feta (A1)

    D: Quorn meatballs, Wholemeal pasta, pasta sauce made with tinned tomatoes,onions,peppers and courgettes

    S:1 passion fruit Danio (1.5) apple,2 alpen Light (B2) 1 homemade latte (A2)

    Syns used: 3.5
    syns used for week: 90 (new week starts friday morning)
    Exercise:5k Run
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  3. Sunflower1981

    Sunflower1981 Well-Known Member

    Green Day

    A1:45G RF Feta
    A2:200ml Choc Koko milk

    B1:35g weetabix minis
    B2:15G Weetabix minis and 1/2 tbsp olive oil

    B: 50g weetabix minis (B1 & 1/2 B2) with FF greek yoghurt,strawberries and Banana

    L: Ainsleys Roasted Veg Couscous (1.5 for half a pack), cucumber,tomato,red onion & green leaves, 45g RF Feta (A1), passionfruit Danio Yoghurt

    d: 2 x LF quorn Sausages, small tin heinz baked beans and actifry chips made with 1/2 tbsp olive oil (rest of B2)

    S: 200ml Chocolate Koko milk after PT session.

    Exercise: 45 minute outdoor PT Session

    Syns used 3
    Syns used for week: 93
    (new week starts friday morning)

    Last edited: 26 March 2014
  4. Sunflower1981

    Sunflower1981 Well-Known Member

    Another Green Day today

    A1: 30g grated cheddar
    A2: 4xemmental laughing cow light

    B1:35g Fruit and Fibre
    B2: 2 small WM Bread

    not much of an appetite today for some reason

    B: 35g fruit and fibre, 100ml unsweetened almond milk 1syn

    L: 2 small w/m toast with 4 x laughing cow emmental and tomatoes, 1 banana

    D: Jacket potato topped with quorn chilli, grated cheese and served with large mixed salad

    S: probably a choccie bar of some sort to use up rest of weeks syns after weigh in

    Syns today 1 plus whatever i use after weigh in

    Exercise:5k run
  5. Sunflower1981

    Sunflower1981 Well-Known Member

    Green Day

    A1: 75g philly light
    A2: 200ml chocolate koko milk

    B1: 35g weetabix mini
    B2: 60g Wholemeal Bread

    B: 35g weetabix minis (b), 0% greek yoghurt, strawberries,mango and pineapple

    l: 80g wholemeal bread (b & 2 syns), scraping of philly from my a choice, quorn peppered "beef" & salad

    D: leek Risotto (leeks,onions,risotto rice Philly light (A), butter (2) oil (2)

    S: choc koko milk, banana, Creme Egg (9 syns)

    Exercise 5k run

    Syns used:15

    Trying to use them daily this week
  6. Sunflower1981

    Sunflower1981 Well-Known Member

    not posted here in a while although still been on plan most of the time!

    weigh in today and 1lb off.

    EE day today:

    B: overnight oats (35g oats (B), 150g full fat greek yoghurt 3 syns, 50ml unsweetened almond milk (only about 5 calories so not counted), blueberries,strawberries and a sliced banana.

    L: 2 LF quorn sausages, wholemeal pasta and a spicy pasta sauce made with tinned tomatoes,peppers,courgettes,onions and chillis, 1syn worth of olive oil in this portion

    d: salmon fillet with jersey royals and large mixed salad

    S: 200ml chocolate koko milk (a) and 1 multipack crunchie 7.5

    Syns so far: 11.5
    weekly: 11.5/105

    Exercise: 10 sets of hill reps (sprint up the hill and jog back down)
  7. Sunflower1981

    Sunflower1981 Well-Known Member

    Will be back posting tomorrow after weigh in, back on plan and trying to be completely meat/fish free
  8. Sunflower1981

    Sunflower1981 Well-Known Member

    first weigh in for a month and managed a maintain. time to kick ass now!

    Green day 07/08

    B: smoothie made with 250ml koko milk (part of A1), handful of strawberries, dollop of ff greek yoghurt and a scoop of protein 4.5 syns) now I know this is considered to be a tweak as I haven't synned the berries but honestly this breakfast keeps me so much fuller than cereal etc and I therefore eat less as a result and a few pureed berries didn't make me fat!

    l: 45g feta (A2) with wholemeal cooked pasta,tomatoes,red onion,sweetcorn and 8 black olives (1)

    S: after 45 min PT weights session is 1 scoop of protein 4.5 with rest of HEXA of koko milk

    d: 1 linda McCartney mozzarella burger (4) 1 WM Roll B1, chips with 1/3 tbsp. oil 2 syns and lots of salad

    Before bed: 1 peanut hifi B2

    A1 425ml koko milk
    A2 45g feta

    B1 1 wm roll
    B2 1 hifi

    Syns today: 16
    for week:16 /105

    Exercise: usual dog walks and a 45 weights session with PT

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