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Superfree Soup anyone tried this?

On Thursday night our consultant said that any group who have eaten the soup three times a week have had fantastic weight loss. She's encouraging us to make it for the community weight loss challenge.
I usually just make a free lentil or veg soup so I will deff try this!
Anyone any ideas what i can use in the soup instead of baked beans and tomatoes ?
Cannelloni beans? I really like them and they are kinda like baked beans without the sauce.

I'm wondering if you could add a tin of mushy peas as well to see what that would taste like.


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I reckon it can be done for less than £5 even if following this recipe, but it's essentially just a vegetable and bean soup so you could use any leftover veggies. But I have to say that the slimming battle isn't won or lost on a single dish, it's because of lots of little changes that all add up to sustainable weight loss. After all we're not doing the cabbage soup diet here.
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Well its deff not going to cost me a £5 lol! I wouldn't spend that on a soup.


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Hello!! I have been trying this since i posted the recipe last monday. Im weighing in tonight and so will let you know tomorrow how the loss went. I normally lose 1lb a week so am hoping to have a good one. I also had this blended one night which was really nice and i added chunky veges to it to make it a ratatouille and i added chicken and curry powder to have a bit of an indian meal :) i ate it twice a dayfor 5 days :)

good luck to all those that have tried it and let me know how you get on

think i am gona make this for dinner! well not got all the ingredients but will make do with what i have!

no parsnips or leeks or green lentils but got red lentils and some random frozen casserole veg! gonna bung it all in and see what happens!

wow u r not kidding this makes a LOT of soup! i have a huge soup pot and its filled almost right up with this! hoping its nice coz theres sooooooo much of it lol! just sticking it on 2 simmer while i go tidy up the house then it will be ready 4 dinner :)


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