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Going to do this......
hi after trying every diet going and i mean every diet :( i have now just started taking Reductil..........has any one tried them if so any tips:)
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Hi supergran
I've never tried Reductil ... my GP wouldn't precribe it because my BP was higher than was safe. He kept trying to 'push' Xenical but I DEFINITELY wasn't interested in that. Like you, I'd tried every diet going. The only conventional diet that worked for me was Rosemary Conley but with 12st to lose, I found it too slow and lost my motivation.

My life changed when I started the Cambridge Diet though and now I only have 4st to go to get to my provisional goal of 10st :D

Sorry I can't help with your question about Reductil - but I wish you every success with it. How much are you hoping to lose by the way?

Debbie x
Wish to lose 3 and half stone,, have tried ll cd but i need food . tpotts and cheb who i work with are both on cd they look fab feel a bit of a failure taking pills but at this point will try anything:(
Hi supergran, well i took reductil for 4 months and it really helped me big time i lost 5 stone andnit took my appetite away so when i did eat it was very small amounts, i am a serious emotional eater and i even forgot to eat, so give it a try, u r not a failure taking pills,as obesity as an illness and we need all the help we can get,the way i see failure is when u give up altogether and not try and lose weight at all, hope this helps xx
Have you considered one of the other plans on CD where you do have food as well as food packs? :)
Good point Chicken!

Supergran - I hope the pills work ... and please don't feel 'a failure' for taking them. Losing weight and improving our health is the important thing and finding a path that is right for YOU is all that matters.

But as Chicken said, CD isn't a case of 'all or nothing' ... there are flexible plans for people who can't face sole sourcing. If you find the pills aren't working for you once you've given them a good try, then perhaps you could consider something like the CD 1000 plan whereby you have 2 packs and a really decent 'proper' meal. Worth considering!

Good luck!

Debbie x
:) :) :) Thanks for all your replies,
will give the pills a go for a good kick start. then will go onto cd with food(green and White) i no it works as seen the proof with cheb tpptt. :)
Hi June
Good luck with your weight loss! I know that you will succeed, be strong and keep going! I know you have lost 5lb this week already and it is a fantastic start!
thanks for advice...will wait to see what doc says on thurs, but nurse did say my bp was high, but that was only after one tab, dont think that was the tab,or was it guilt:confused:

if he was to say no.will need to look again at cd 790.:)
Hi June, if you need to change name of thread.... go to the first post on your thread, press edit then press go advanced. You should be able to change the title!
D Q Thankyou :) :) :) :) that was so clever.....very crap at computer stuff.

Being very good with sensible eating, tho think the pill works as well, not had any side effect yet. not had and more weight loss since friday
back to see doc on thurs.

Very chuffed with myself, had my first swimming lesson today. went well as tpotts and cheb no i dont get my legs out so i was very brave:) Eyes stinging like mad!!!!!! with googleson and a hat i looked lovely:eek: :eek: :eek:

ps, how can i get glitter
Hi June
Well done on your swimming leson, I'm really proud of you and I definately think that you are very brave! Good for you sticking to sensible eating, you will have any excess weight off in no time!
If you want glitter.... go to

Have a great evening!