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Superkaren's JUDDD Diary

Day 5 of JUDDD, a down day.
Calories: one shake 200
5 chips 50
yogurt 100
crackers 200
mini reeses 200 (V bad) :sigh:
total 750

I ate more then I wanted but I was not feeling right and decided I needed something or I might pass out. Better to eat then fall down the steps.
tomorrow is an UD and I can have around 2000 calories. It claims I can have 2600 calories but I haven't ate that many in 4 years.
My weigh in is Mondays, So hoping the scale moves. It is sooooo lazy the scale never moves.
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Day 6 UD
Calories today 2330... I don't know how people eat this much! in order to make it over 2000 I had to eat an extra serving of ice cream.
shake: 190
toast: 130
Sandwich: 500
Ice Cream: 540
Muffin: 190
Hamburger: 780
total: 2330

I also planned out my menus for both up and down days for the next week. So I know what I will be eating all week. I also drink around 80 ounces of water, and went for a bike ride this morning. So feeling really good about myself.
Day 7
Didn't post last night....actually forgot about it.
Took a 2 1/2 mile walk in the morning...Felt great except for the blisters. Ate around 600 calories. Hoping to walk that much every morning before work. We will see.

Yogurt: 100
cheese: 100
total: 600
off to work.
so happy, dropped three pounds in one week! LOVE JUDDD!
Got up walked about 1 mile would have gone farther except the blisters hurt too much. Had an UP day with a total of 1875 calories. Need to drink some more water. Hoping the blisters heal and I can walk my 2 1/2 miles tomorrow morning. plan on walking the mornings of my down days, and then some sort of exercise on my UD.

Did I mention I lost 3 pounds! :D
Day 9=Down
Had around 640 calories today. Wanted to take a walk this morning but I couldn't really get out of bed. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get my walk in. Will try again tomorrow.
Yogurt: 100

wasn't too bad for a down day...I kinda wanted the ice cream when I got home from work but knew if I wanted it for breakfast I could.
Day 10 UD

Today was an up day... Still couldn't get my butt out of bed to take a morning walk. LAZY! is the only word for it. I am down another pound today. so that is like 4 pounds.... SO COOL.
I donated blood today and got wussy at work....But I am fine now. Total calories today 2305. So it is high even for an UD but I had an additional 230 calories about the blood donation. Going to try to walk tomorrow. NO I AM GOING TO WALK TOMORROW!
Day 11 Down Day

I did go for a walk this morning.. The dog wanted to turn around before I did but i did get to 1.25 miles. My heel is still sore from the blister. Will try again tomorrow.

today I had:
total=590 Not bad.

So tempting to weigh myself tomorrow. And looking forward to the up day tomorrow. going on vacation in a few days...so spending time the family and eating so little could be a problem. But I still want to JUDDD while i am there. Every time I start a diet, I go away for a few days and gain the weight i lost right back. Well not this time. I will walk every morning with the dog and continue to JUDDD and will continue to loss weight.
Day 12 UD

I didn't walk this morning. and I seemed to snack more doing the day the usual. I didn't binge on food all day, just snacked more and on bad food. I didn't put down the calories or anything. I am on vacation, so in a day or two I get to drive home. YIPPEEEE. I probably won't be able to post much but I will keep track and attempt the down days.
Day 13 DD

Today was probably the worst DD I had. I took a 2.5 mile walk in the morning:p, and was cleaning when the agent called to say there was going to be a showing for the house that afternoon. So for the next 3 hours I cleaned like mad with no food or water. Finally ate something at 1:00, continued cleaning and then went shopping. Then I got tire, in pain on both foot and hip, was hungry that was making me grumpy and the agent never did come over to show my house. Ending up eating more then I wanted to!

Granola bar=200

and this morning when I weighed in I had gained 6 pounds....:cry: HOW!!! I am assuming I am retaining water as I feel dehydrated but so disappointing.

I will continue Judding as I am sure it is working.

this may be my last post for awhile as I leave for vacation this afternoon and may not have easy access to a computer.
Hi Karen,

just catching up with your diary as I've been off minis due to broadband problems, which are hopefully now fixed fingers crossed.

Looks like you're doing well with juddd, well done hun, and congrats on the loss. Keep going you're doing great!!! :D
Day 23 a Down day
Okay back from vacation. Did pretty well but didn't really track what I ate, but I did try to alternate up days and down days. Today was a down day and I have had 560 calories. Yippee....:D But I do need to drink more water.

I have decided that for me it is almost easier to plan for 8 days. 4 down days and 4 up days. I plan two menus one for 500-700 calories and one for 2000 calories. It seems if I know in advance what to pack and make then I stick with it. Dinner is the only alternate, where I vary that whole "what's for dinner?" thing.

I haven't weighed in for a while and since this is a down day I could weigh myself in the morning. Hopefully at least I maintained but we shall see.

yogurt 2 x 100
candy bar 260 :mad:
Cheese 100
veggies 100
total 560
Day 24 UP Day
Yesterday was day 24. I did good, but really should add up my calories before I come on here to post. I am such a blond.. Okay I have 1900 calories! I lowered what I was eating and changed to some healthier choices then before, so that is saving me some 300-500 calories I don't really need, but on my up days if I want I can have them. Didn't walk this morning. Can't seem to get out of bed in time to make it to work much less walk.
Day 25 Down Day
600 calories today. Need to drink some water as that helps. Feel good today, but Still very tired. Trying to get back to normal after the vacation. I know that is my problem. One week away and two weeks to get back to normal? I will again weigh myself in the morning and hope for a loss.
Day 26 UP Day
so Blond I left my breakfast in the microwave this morning. So My calorie count is lower then it should. And I got to do a lot of yard work.

Very tired....and I have to work tomorrow on my saturday. Sorry this is a crappy post, I just feel like I should post every day possible. (minus that week vacation!) :)
Okay I can't seem to remember what Day I am on and what day I forgot.

Today was a down day. Yesterday was up so saturday was down.
Day 29 a down day. Had around 800 calories. Not bad. Back down to where I was I gained on vacation but I am back where I was. Now to drop more.

Day 28 didn't eat enough for the Up day so I am way low.

Day 27 Did okay.

Now I worked way to long and am very tired, Hoping for a quiet evening.

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