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I thought i would share with you some thoughts on the price of food and ask you all the question where is the best place to shop and get quality food that lasts.

Since joining SW my food bill has increased as if you eat fresh veg and fruit its more expensive but after trying all the big supermarkets i have found Aldi the best for price and quality. This surprised me so i thought i would list all the others and my thoughts so you can add to them or tell us your tales.

Sainsbury - surprisingly the cheapest in online shopping each week but still expensive, fruit and veg lasts though for 2 weeks sometimes.

Aldi - cheaper than all others, veg and fruit lasts the week sometimes more.

Asda and Morrisons - veg never lasts the week and always too many tempting offers on high syn foods.

Lidl - Cheap but very basic, cannot do a full shop.

Waitrose - Very expensive but have some good things that other supermarkets dont have lean mince lamb.
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I get all my fruit and veg at Sainsbury's, best price and quality I've found. For salad stuff I sometimes go to M+S, you pay a little extra in there but it lasts absolutely ages.
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I agree with you about Aldi, there are some great free or very low syn items there. Even though the cottage cheese doesn't say VLF it's still free, the fruit flavoured ones too. There's a fair bit of freezer stuff which are also free and I think it helps to find it because it's small. They do flavoured couscous which is gorgeous and 1/2-1 syn. The fruit and veg lasts just as long as other shops and is so much cheaper.

Sainsburys have some good stuff but I find it very expensive. Asda is like going to hell so even if they have good stuff I don't tend to bother.:p Tesco is pretty good too. I've not found a lot in Lidl but then I haven't done much of a search.

It's Aldi all the way for me. The fruit lasts ages even though it's ripe when you buy it. It's so annoying in big supermarkets how you have to buy the peaches etc rock hard and let them ripen. I never catch them at the right time and they go bad.:eek:
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I love Aldi and do all my shopping there apart from a few things I like to buy branded such as toothpaste and wash powder.
Our Sainsbury's and Tesco's are complete rubbish, the fruit is never ripe but then seems to be past its best over night.
Morrisons here is ok but I find it quite expensive and the only offers they have tends to be junk.
Asda is good but don't tend to get there often.
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Gah! Not fair! There is no Aldi anywhere near where I live. Though when I go back to university, there will be one 5 mins walk away! YAY!

I've yet to try online shopping - which would you say is best in terms of quality and price? It's something I really need to look into, especially as my family no longer have a car :(


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Aldi rocks! We love it. We have saved so much money shopping there. Think my leader said there is a Aldi shoping guide with all they syns etc. Will need to invest in one I think.
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I also agree with the Aldi posts - it's brilliant. I go through peppers like crazy... roasted, stir fried, in salads, every thing!! Pack of 3 (Green, Red & Yellow) from Tesco last week was £1.68.

Aldi price? 69p Almost a whole £1 difference and they taste the same and last just as long - Bonkers


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I shop in Tesco, too lazy to go anywhere else lol, plus my son works there so we get discount. However, there is an Aldi just round corner from Tesco so I think I might just venture there during the next shop to check out the fruit and veg :)


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Aldi is a bit of a drive away for me so I can only call in if I'm near. I use Ocado with top-ups of fruit and veg from M & S and an independant store. The quality of fruit and veg at Sainsburys which is near us is dire! Same for the fruit and veg shop as well:(

I called in at Morrisons yesterday as I passed it after SW so will do this again next week to get the yoghurts and things on offer from there.


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Its Aldi every time for me i love the food so fresh always and great quality. I've reduced my shopping bill by half :)


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hiya we are quite lucky they are building a new aldi in cleverleys, so i can get the tram or bus there. we also have one at blackpool and fleetwood, i think the residents in cleverleys are a bit upset at getting an aldi cos its not posh enough, its great for my purse.


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Even though I am in Spain I will go along with the Aldi vote. We have Aldi and Lydl and Iceland as well as the Spanish chains.

Aldi's represents the best value for money and I love the fact that almost all the fruit and veg are sourced here. I love to see where it is all from and see how few miles it has travelled.

Fruit and veg in Lydl as well seems good quality and an excellent price but it is Aldi for me everytime.
S: 11st12lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 0st7lb(4.22%)
I love Aldi salad is 39p at the moment and the frozen fish we had the sardines 8 in a pack for £2.49 i think and going to try the tuna steaks. I used to buy my fruit and veg from the co-op but stopped as it never lasted very long this has all changed now as we have several grow bags/containers with cut and grow lettuce, raddishes, beetroot and carrots its great to go cut your own lettuce in the morning.


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The tuna steaks at Aldi are fab! Especially the ginger and sesame ones, free on EE and red.

Oh and the chilli chocolate is amazing! 7 syns for one of the wrapped pieces.
Lidl have aubergines for 39p this week.
This time of year I'm harvesting my own veg, can't get fresher than that!

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