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supernoodles and pasta n sauce

I'm in love.

I've had supernoodles before but never pasta n sauce?! I thought they would be awful but they are amazing!! and for like 0.5 syns or 1 syn?!

They are so good for me as im always rushing around, and they are actually filling to!!

However I accept this is a dangerous road to go down, need to keep having my 1/3 superfree...not to mention all the MSG thats almost definitely in these! I'm sure its a fad n i'll get over the fixation but for now im so addicted =D x
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I started SW on the 12th (one day before you :)), and I have eaten a pasta n sauce EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know its not the most healthy of options but as I am currently limited to a microwave for all my meals, I LOVE pasta n sauce.
I just had pasta n sauce for my tea. I really only have them in emergencies; today my son is ill and I've had to grab what I can when I can. Luckily it's a green day, so haven't HAD to have 1/3 superfree with it, but will have some fruit in a minute.

They are especially lovely with a hex a of cheese melted in... ;)
I did buy them for emergencies...then after 1 emergency...smaller things were suddenly emergencies and suddenly pasta n sauce/ supernoodles are the answer lol!!

Whats mad is I never used to have creamy pasta sauces anyway, because i thought they were just too calorific...and now on a diet im having lots of cheese! either as my HEA (reduced grated, 5!! Laughing Cow lights, Dairylea Slices, Dairylea Bites) or in cheesy sauces? its crazy, but I love it!

2 of the other women at my work are on SW to so we used some of the tea money to buy a big pyrex bowl so we can all make pasta n sauce for lunch :)
I tried this today, it was bloody lovely!

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Golden Wonder The Nation's Pasta, Spaghetti Bolognese, ambient per pot[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
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can I ask, are these a particular brand, or the low fat versions? I'm trying to sort out what sort of things I'll be buying next week...
Both Pasta n Sauce and Supernoodles are by Batchelors...all the syn values are on the SW website.

The low fat supernoodles are totally free. Theres a new chilli chicken flavour that isnt on the website but i put it through the syn calc and it came out as free still.

The Pasta n Sauces are v low if you make them up with just water (they are still REALLY nice). Average 0.5 syns-1.5 syns for the meal.

and as you can see the feedback for them is great! (could this passion lead to a career in selling batchelors products for SW?? haha!) x
I have some pasta and sauce that I bought few weeks ago, but still have not tried them. Just wondering if you normally have the full pasta and sauce yourself or do you just eat half of one pack?
I have some pasta and sauce that I bought few weeks ago, but still have not tried them. Just wondering if you normally have the full pasta and sauce yourself or do you just eat half of one pack?
When I first started I would have a whole packet as a snack! I don't do this now, one packet will serve 2 of us accompanied with whatever else we're eating, or I use a whole packet to make a quiche but again I don't eat it all in one go.
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I've only ever eaten half a packet and that was only once. It was nice but I realised that I wouldn't eat that type of thing if I wasn't on a diet and I didn't want to eat them regularly when I was on a diet.
I have a packet in the cupboard incase though.
Just thought id add to this conversation...i used to have pasta and sauce quite a lot...either on its own or with quorn sausages, but now because of so many other nice meals i hardly ever have them! However a few weeks ago i tried a new wholegrain one...tomato and basil pasta and sauce and it was yum!! I think it may be completely free or if not its low syn! Just thought id let you know!! x
I noticed that the posts above say that Batchelots pasta and sause are very low sin, as far as I am aware the tomato & herb and wholegrain creamy tomato are both FREE on green...? Has this changed eek!!


I want to be fitter again
If you are having this as a meal you could always grab a bag of salad to go with it. I certainly wouldn't eat it as a snack. It is a huge portion and you may find that with a salad you wouldnt need the whole packet.
the only ones I've tried are the mild cheese and broccoli, that I think used to be free but have recently changed to 1/2 a syn? and the cheese, ham and leek ones which are 1 syn I beleive!

and I do try to have half a pack with veg so to get my 1/3 superfree, but tbh i normally eat them wen i dont have time to cook, therefore dont have time to make veg lol! x
I always have the Cheese and Broccoli one and make it in to a main meal by frying some chopped bacon, onion and mushrooms and adding it the pasta with a HEa of cheese! Very filling as a meal and so creamy for only 0.5 syns and a HEa :)
will def have to scout supermarkets, I can only see the standard supernoodles usually!

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