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Superspeed soup needs to be thrown out?? Please Read


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Hi all. I made a large batch of Speed soup on Saturday night and like an idiot forgot to freeze it.

I had a large bowl of it today and it was absolutely fine, but how long will it be OK for? It's been 48 hours since I made it, loads left and I don't want to have to chuck it.

Also, can I stick it in the freezer now, or is it too late?

Thanks :)
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If you used only veg and no meat and it was in a cool place it should be fine, my kitchen is quite cold and I sometimes leave soups out but only if there is no meat added!!!! in the future to be on the safe side stick in the freezer as soon as it's cool down ;-)


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Has it been lying out or in the fridge? If it's not been in the fridge I would get rid of it.
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It can be kept for 3 days in the fridge after making and you could still freeze it today.


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Thanks everyone :) it's been in the fridge since I made it. So it'll be good til tomorrow then? I'll be having it for lunch and dinner tomorrow then because I hate to see food get wasted! Thanks for answering!
I regularly make soup on a saturday or sunday, leave it the saucepan on the hob and then eat it over the next few days. For some reason I very rarely put cooked soup in the fridge, but I have never been ill as a result, just make sure you heat it through properly.

There are several easy ways to tell if something is ok to eat; if it smells odd, if you can see mould, or if it's slightly fizzy on your tongue - they've never let me down!!!


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surely it would work better if it's a few days old? :)
penacyllin is great for inducing the squits.. :D

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