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Hi all , Just to let you know especially if you are on week one that things do get better. I am on my second week (WI saturday next )and I have had a brilliant day . The energy I had today was unreal . I cleaned the whole house including an ovenand I still feel I could do more.(No I am not coming toyour house!!!!) I was getting to the stage with my weight that everything was difficult even bending down to clean something . Today I was like a teenager . Food doesnt worry me now . I am quiet happy and settled on the shakes so things do get better . :)
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You only live once..
:D:D:D That's fab! :D:D:D


Here we go again!
It's great when you reach that stage isn't it? I've had loads more energy all the time whilst on this and it seems to still be here. Keep up the good work. My weigh in day is Saturday too!


maintaining since June'09
I cleaned the whole house including an ovenand I still feel I could do more.(No I am not coming to your house!!!!)
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh???? Go on!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!! ;)

I'm still waiting for this phenomenon unfortunately ... x


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Have to agree with you - I've never had so much energy. I think it's due to me not having the sugar highs and lows.


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Heh, I'm on day 8 and I haven't had any bursts of energy like this either :( I get tired really easily!


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I have more energy during the day than I've ever had, but by 10.30pm every night I am shatter..zzzzzzzz :4635:
yea im still getting tired easier but im actually really happy, my moods are good. before starting i had a really odd sleeping pattern, stress n all that jazz but since starting im getting great nights sleep n do have alot of energy but it burns out quickly come the evening!
much happier though and my skin is so clear n not dry anymore(water probly!)
w.1 found it hard to concentrate but now im fine with studying n everything! im glad i got through d 1st week n didnt stop!


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I am truly lucking forward to the burst of energy, which I think was about day 10 last time as I am at the shattered/cant concentrate stag at the moment on day 3 and I do not go into ketosis until day 5 so hopefully that is when I might see a difference.

Jo x
Have to agree on the 'ol cleaning front, already cleaned my windows, inside and out before breakfast on my 2nd Sunday on LT. I sleep a whole lot better than before as well. I used to sleep for 4 hours then toos and turn thinking about things...especially how unhealthily fat I was, but now have at least 6 straight hours.....WOW!
Im exactly the same with the cleaning side of things......admittedly there is still bits and bobs i need to do in order for every room to be spotless but it still hasnt been this tidy in a long time!!!!! love it :D
Also im impressed because its my 1st weigh-in tomorrow so not been on it long, energy levels began to rise on day 3, by day 4 i felt GREAT!!!!! (especially compared to the 1st few days).
oooooooo really, really excited bout tomorrow as i can c and feel that iv'e lost already.....cant wait!!!! xxx
For those of u struggling, please keep going as wen u do start benefiting from it, u will not believe the difference in how ur feeling, i cant believe it, infact i cant remember wen i last felt so good and it has definately made me more determined to not go bak to my old ways so please dont give up, i know i wont!!!! xxx GOODLUCK xxx


maintaining since June'09
Its brilliant when the energy boost kicks in, my house has never been so clean since starting lipotrim.
I wish! :(

Am I the ONLY one who's been on it this long (nrly 7wks) & STILL not had this? :confused:

I'm doing LESS! I feel okayish through the day but get tired really easily and very early at night!

Last night I was in bed at 11pm and - apart from 2 trips to the loo - only woke up when the phone went at 11am this morning! Then I probably could have gone back but was supposed to be somewhere at 12 ...... (I was late! :eek:) xx


I will be skinny again!!!
the energy burst makes it sooo much easier!! lol

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