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going to do it!!!!
hi there
i just take a multivitamin every day its not anything special just a tescos own brand but its got everything from A to zinc. hope this helps and you doing ok
Jo xx
Late last year i bought 180 Healthspan 50+ Multivitamins and have been taking one a day. Think they were about £10 and should last me 6 months.
A multivit should be fine, I take a fish oil as well for my Joints.
I have Berocca (or Lidls cheap version), cod liver oil and co enzyme q10
Thanks All

Have some oil capsules in cupboard shall start them, never used them before because worried about fat , now I don't need to bother I will also look around and get the vitamins. I am doing ok so far but was a bit hungry last night late on,just could not settle, maybe a case of old habits die hard. but went to the music and movement over 50s this morning and realy knocked myself out , I thought it was finished and was making for the door and then the instructor said right lets move it up a bit, you should have seen my face.
beetroot red and contorted. It is all for the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again for all replies, I think I am going to do this.
Hi fattogo, I'm planning on taking a multi vit too. I will probably take a cheap tesco/asda type one for all the family, i'm assumming they are all the same and have to meet regulations etc as they can be expensive!

This is my proper full day on atkins, as i've been on CD for a few weeks (yeuck!!) and loving it so far! :)
I have just realised (durr) that my berocca (or cheap substitute for it) has citric acid in. Do you think this stalls weight loss? I have read a couple of threads that say so.
Do all multivits with vit c in have citric acid in?
Yes, we have had people on here who stalled until they cut out the citric acid.
thats it ! as from tomorrow will have to make do without and see if it makes any difference! only realised while i was sitting drinking my vit drink this morning!
Cheese was always my downfall, even today I can easily gain weight if I eat a lot of Cheese.
Me too with the cheese Jim. I might try a week without!!!! (or maybe not)

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