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support and advice please

i started on CD on the 24th September 2007 and lost 3 stone and 3 lbs before having a break for Christmas. My CDC was concerned that I would find it difficult going back but I was pretty sure I would be ok.
So I started back on the 13th January and had put on 11 lbs over Christmas, which was a bit of a shock but I had enjoyed my time off and was feeling positive about losing it. So now 3 weeks back and I am really struggling. I have been eating and I can't seem to stop. I have gone out of ketosis by picking at biscuits, crisps, chocolate. I'm really depressed about and I know I shouldn't be doing it but I can't seem to stop. It's made worse by the fact that my husband so encouraged by my success on the diet started with me in January and he has already lost 2 stone, and is finding it easy (like I did first time). I don't really view myself as a restarter just a resumer, but why is it so hard? why can't i just get on with it like last time? having the packs was a perfunctory task and having them felt like routine.

any advice much appreciated. i though today 1st of the month would be a line in the sand but i have 4 biscuits this morning. weigh in tomorrow so maybe that is my line. it's probably harder as i am eating in secret and haven't told my husband :eek:. moral support welcome!
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Hi mrscookie,

If your slipping like this I would think you would do better to move up to 790, it would give you a small meal to eat and it would help to ween you off the biscuits again and then when you feel ready you could move back onto SSing or you might find it suits you.

Write down your reasons for losing weight and the goals you want to achieve, this can help to refocus your mind again.

It is worth talking it over with your CDC .

Well done to your husband on his weight loss of 2 stone...

Men do have the advantage of shifting the weight so much faster.
HI Mrscookie. I suggest if you and your husband are SS that you remove all snacks out of the house. Any sort of temptation will give you food thoughts. Good luck
pleased to report that since my moment of clarity on friday and a really good chat with my wonderful CDC on saturday i have stuck to the plan like glue and have lost 3 lbs since saturday. husband had a weekend off to go to watch the rugby and had full english breakfast and a curry on the way home so i was very jealous but had my soup and my shake and knew that i would feel better. so now 3 days of being good and i feel i'm almost half way there with a good week.
the only problem we have as a couple is our 16 month old daughter who has all the food that i have been snacking on... bits of cheese, the odd biscuit etc and i have been really good with leftovers which were the greatest temptation.
my CDC said that the first go at this diet is the easiest and at the time i didn't realise how easy it was. i think i still need to focus on what is my goal and think how well i have done to have 3 good days.


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Oh mrscookie, See? you know the answer yourself. FOCUS! you can do it. You have dome it before so you really know that you can do it..................and you ARE doing it! Well done! x


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i think i still need to focus on what is my goal and think how well i have done to have 3 good days
Well done and well done on your 3lbs off:)

Love Mini xxx


Just about on the wagon!
Sorry I'm a bit late here! Well done on getting back on track - your post has come at a very good time. I've been in the arcade for the past couple of hours to stop me from going in the fridge! I've worked from home today, which has meant me going out to buy a paper, oh and a big bag of M&Ms which won't be a problem now as I've eaten them all! I don't know what happened, well I do, but I'm ignoring it! :break_diet:

Seriously though, you've hit the nail on the head there by saying it's so much easier the first time. That would be my advice to anyone doing this for the first time - stick with it and DO NOT deviate as it gets harder and harder every time you restart. If you stick with it, you'll be at goal sooner, and you'll be able to eat proper healthy food (not M&Ms) again sooner than you think. If you think back to Christmas, that was already 6 weeks ago, and hasn't that time flown! If I had stuck to this for 6 weeks (rather than my current 6 minutes) I could potentially have lost 1.5st. :sigh: But I haven't, so there's no point beating myself up, and none of you should either. If this is a restart (like for me) then yes it's harder, but think how much harder it will be if we stop again now and start again later. Let's really try and make this the last time we do this! :whoopass:

So from now on, one day/hour/minute at a time, and before we know it we'll have done 3 days, be back in ketosis, then a week, then we won't be hungry, then we'll be sailing on, and a few weeks down the line we'll be all smiley, cold and needing to pee. :innocent0002:

Good luck Mrs Cookie, we're with you!

To me M&M'S taste like vomit. NASTY, NASTY, NASTY! Just chew one and really taste it. Yuk. The same with a digestive biscuit, once I came off programme before and ate one I had to spit it out. So next time you pop something in your mouth, really taste and chew. M&m'S are american, and they put the vomit tasting stuff in it to stop it from melting in the heat. Ever tasted a Hersheys bar or Hersheys kisses? They are even worse than M&M's.

As for the scrapings from the kids plates, remember it is a waste in you as well as a waste in the bin. Only the bin doesn't have regrets or fat cells.
i did same as you ate at xmas and was worst thing i could have done as have not managed one week on ss yet,get to day 2 then feel sick,lighheaded and feel i need to eat,i have had 2 weeks where i only lost 1lb!!!!was so gutted but my own fault,got weighed today and managed to lose 3lbs so hopefully that will kick start me to start properly tmrw grr,its so frustrating as i only need to lose another10lb and im at my goal,i lost 6lb in one week twice so i know i can do it...

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