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Hello everyone. :D

I have been attending my doctor's surgery for the nurse to weigh me every 2 weeks. I have been put on a low carb (40 per day) I feel a million times better in myself, no cravings, more energy etc...but since 30th April have only lost 9lbs. Yes, I know it is a loss - but I never ever cheat and write it all down...the nurse told me that other loosers were at the 2 stone plus mark at the same time as me......:cry:Anyway, I was wondering if I sneakily swapped over the SW and stayed on the red day - and see how I get on? All the full fat stuff is making me wonder is this one of the reason's I don't loose as much. I don't have the money per week to join a class, so wondered if any of you could let me know the basic rules of SW....and I could buy a book that tells me the sin content.

What do you think? Anyone wishing to help me try?

Love Sharon x
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Hi Sharon,

Please don't be disheartened over losing 9lb since the 30th April! That is in less than seven weeks!

Actually that is pretty good result cutting down on calories.

I could not lose two stone on Lipotrim or Cambridge diet in that short amount of time.

It is a gross mistake to compare you with other people's weight loss as we are all unique in how we lose weight.

The next time you are there make her do your bloods and take your blood pressure as I am sure those two things will have improved. That is of course they were taken before you began your diet journey and now can compare your improvements?

As you have said you are feeling a million times better and don't have any food cravings which is a major triumph!!!

I am not up to speed on SW but it does seem to be an excellent weight loss programme and I am sure one of the members who are doing it will be along shortly and give you some help.

Give yourself a pat on the back for doing so well!

9lb loss achieved by cutting down is an excellent achievement and well done for writing everything down as it does help keep your focus and on track!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx

Thanks for your reply Mini - Yes, well when the nurse asks me how I have been, I always say I have stuck to it, and feel so much better - but don't really feel that the weight is dropping off...however, my waist is going down, which is important! I did say to her that I am and always have been, a slow looser - but feel as though I should be loosing quicker with it being low carb. To be honest, on the positive side, if I had have been doing WW as I did previously a few years back, I would be craving certain foods....with this, as sugar is restricted - I don't crave, and therefore stick to things well. It's so nice to to be bloated.

Shall give SW a wee try and still stick to low sugar etc, but I feel that maybe SW will be slightly healthier.

We shall see!!

Thanks again,
Sharon x


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Its £4.50 a week well spent joining the club(plus one off joining fee). You will save that in snacks (i used to spend more than that a DAY!) I think its exactly what you need seeing other people like yourself who have suceeded and can encourage you to suceed as well.Good luck!

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