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support at home?

Is anyone in the same position as me where hubby/wife doesnt support you? My hubby is actually dead against me doing this!

To make it worse he actually sabatoged me today by 'forgetting' to stop off at his parents to check the house (they're away) meaning we couldnt stop for a meal before the cinema so we ended up at McDonalds :( Then tomake things worse he bought me popcorn at the cinema and i stupidly ate it

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How inconsiderate of him! Can I ask, why do you think he isn't keen on you loosing weight? I'm lucky in that I have the opposite situation and it was hubby who asked me to lose the weight (!) although I already knew I wanted to.

Is he overweight? Is it about the cost of the programme? Perhaps he thinks you will find it too hard and will be unhappy on the plan? It's odd, most people are supportive of people losing weight. I guess you'll have to explain that it really is something you want to do and that you need him to be with you on it cheering you on.



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oh hun thats awful! I bet you feel like crap! I think you need to sit him down and tell him that if he doesnt let you stick to this you will be wasting a 5er a week as your not gonna give in!

I am lucky as botjh me and h2b have been told we are obese and hes doing it too!

He needs to be spoken to as this simply isnt fair on you!


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My hubby married me big but has always encouraged me and never had a go if I fall off the wagon. My best friend, however, if a bit slimmer than me and I don't think she thrilled that I will soon be slimmer than her. Maybe he is feeling insecure. He might think that when you get slimmer you might not want him anymore. Or, it could be that he is used to you the size you are and he doesn't want change. Some men are frightened of change, espcially if they are comfy in a relationship.


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i find this really strange since you are doing sw... i have heard of partners rejecting vlcds because they're 'not healthy' because they don't know the ins and outs. but i don't know how someone could react like that to slimming world...

i really hope things get better for you soon hon. stick at it. this is something you are doing for you. not for anyone else...

abz xx


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awww hun *hugs* maybe its jus that ur OH jus thinks your gorgeous the way u are :)

i agree with everythin everyone has said, i would def try and sit down and tell him how u feel!! maybe he dosent know he is doing it



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That is terrible and totally against your marriage vows! Mr Taz is supportive of me losing weight but he isn't at all helpfull. He will eat stuff that I am trying to avoid right in front of me and he buys me chocolate but that is only cus he doesn't really understand. I think you need to have a serious chat with him as his actions aren't those of a loving supportive husband at all!


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my boyfriend really wants me to lose weight as he wants a more active, healthy partner and he sees how unhappy i am big and wants me to dress in clothes i want to wear rather than black, black and black from evans! he also realises that if i am going to have his babies i need to lose some serious weight before getting pregnant.

make a list of all the benefits to you (...and him) if you lose weight. maybe he likes curves! my boyfriend has admitted that he doesn't like the looking at belly rolls, etc. but he loves the feel of it!

you need to have a good talk with your partner and ask him to be supportive of you. some men don't like their partners slimming as they feel threatened by the thought of you being gorgeous and confident. reassure him why you are doing it and what you will both benefit from.

the best way to tackle the temptations he puts in your way is to show him you mean business and say NO every time he offers you bad food. be stubborn about it and he'll soon get the message. my boyfriend tried to convince me to eat half a tub of hagen daz last night - i said no and he said 'but we're on holiday' ....i told him not until thursday we're not! today he got up and wanted to go and buy a box of krispie kreme doughnuts. i told him where to stick them!

hope you can sort this out - maybe showing him this thread may make him realise how much you want this.
If i had always been this size then i could understand but i was 12stone when i met him! I'd just got to goal on weightwatchers. I often ask him when hes like this if he would have asked me out if i was this size and his face always tells me the answer ... no!

Think i'm gonna show him this thread as someone suggested. Maybe he'll realise that i got to goal on ww cos i wanted to and that i want tobe there again!and that to do that i need him to support me


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it definately helps if your partner supports you... but maybe he's content and happy with his life the way it is and you dieting, in his mind, won't make a difference.

most men aren't really bothered about weight issues and if they are they just get on with it - whereas women tend to need some emotional support from others. ahhhh to think like a bloke eh? lol

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