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support needed very long

hi guys
this time last year i had just won our groups woman of the year with a 7 stone weightloss which only too me 8 months to do, then we had loads of problems at home hubby lost his job, we lost the house ect. well im a big comfort eater and this mornin g i weighed myself and have put back on 6 1/2 stone in a year.
im absolutly disgusted at myself and wish so hard that i didnt do it, so my plan is now to get back to losing again.
hubby still isnt working fulltime so money is tight so i wont be going to class but i do no how to do it.
my bigest problem is is sweet thing i can start the day with 2mars bars before breakfast which i no isnt good also i drink 4 litres of diet coke/pepsi a day with a few cans in between.
my plan for today is to stay away from any chocolate and sweet things and try and stick to 1 day of plan also not to drink and coke.

sorry to ramble but needed to get it off my chest
have a great day every one x
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You have done this before with fantastic results and you can do it again. The plan is there for you and there are loads of people on here who will support you. I know what it is like to comfort eat and it took me a long time to realise that the comfort I gained from the food did not last and ultimately it made me feel worse. You have a lot going on just now and I hope it all works out for you and your situation, but you have made a start and that was all you needed to do - now you can continue your journey and reach your destination in the future. When money is tight - like it always is for me - plan everything, spend a little time working out your budget and shopping list and you will benefit.
There is always someone about who can help, you only have to ask.
(((HUGS))) to you.
You've done it once-YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN!!! Don't beat yourself up about your weight gain, but start one day at a time. Pretend you have never done it before, write everything down, weigh your extras-and be kind to yourself! Keep coming on here-we are all in the same boat. Love and hugs, Tracey
The biggest hurdle is admitting you need to get back onto it....and you've done that bit. You've proved you can conquer the food thing before, so you can do it again. Get back into your old SW habits and you'll soon get that familar, fab feeling of losing weight :)
Plenty of support for you here too!

You can still have your sweet things for breakfast. Why not make a nice fruit salad and have a bit of splenda on it (splenda is going to be my running theme here) or sweeten some quark with splenda and have it on top of the Ryvita Fruit Crunch? Ok, it's no mars bar but it might satisfy your cravings for sugar. And the coke - no need to eliminate it totally...you might find it harder to go cold turkey. Why not just cut it down to one or two cans a day. Don't buy bottles, because once they're open you're like...'oh well, might as well drink it all now!' (well I am!) Other times, get loads of sugar free cordial down you.

Good luck - we're all here to help.


Starting Again!
Hey, excellent advice given already, but I have a couple things to add :)

You've done it before and know what you're doing so that's a great start! Some things to help you stay focused;

* Try and plan ahead best you can - especially important when going out etc.
* Don't weigh everyday - only at your official weigh in once a week
* Keep track of your measurements as well as weight, so if you have a bad couple of weeks, you can be reassured knowing you are losing inches as well as lbs. Take your measurements about once a month
* Make sure you use the plan to your full advantage, fill up on free foods, weigh your HE's properly and use all 15 syns a day - then when you are closer to taget you have something to cut back on if you are struggling.

Don't beat yourself up or dwell on the past, you've lost the weight before and you can do it again - for good. Don't think of this as a diet, but a plan for life. Remember you are only human! We are all hear to support you :)
Hope that helps, good luck on your SW journey,


Slow but sure....
Jenny, you have crossed the first hurdle by admitting to yourself and the forum that you need to get back on track again, well done to you for that.

There has been some good solid advice already given to you, so I will just welcome you to the forum and wish you good luck on your weight loss.

I am also doing this SW journey at home and this forum is my lifeline, so I hope to get to know you through it.

Good luck to you. X
Hi Jen

Firstly- well done on taking the massive 1st step to the next stage of your life

Secondly- just a bit of advice I wanted to add to what has already been given. Try not to do it all so quickly and drastically. I really think those of us who have eating problems have to take our time and not just do the 'quickfix'. We actually need to educate ourselves long-term, so make REALISTIC goals and plans, - there is no point in trying to banish all the things you enjoy completely as it is prone to lead to failure followed by a big binge. Enjoy the things you like in moderation, syn them and eat lots and lots of healthy free foods too.

Try not to set yourself goals which are too far away or too difficult to achieve. Think positive but realistic. Half a pound a week loss is 2 stone total loss in a year AND also a years worth of brain reprogramming

Good luck, mate

You've done it once and you can do it again. We're all behind you! Everyone has given loads of good advice. Just take it one day at a time hun. xx
thanks guys for all your replys

ive been and bought a load of fruit and veg from a local shop so have plenty to nibble on during the day.

for breakfast i had 2 bananas and a mullerlight, then i went out so no time for the chocolate lol

for lunch im having a huge jacket potato and mushy peas (my fav)

not sure whats for tea but im going to get the books out and have a plan for the rest of the week

thanks again
hey hun, Firstly congrats on getting yourself back on the wagon. Its difficult.. especially when you worked so hard before, and i can only imagine how you must be feeling atm. BUT your here, and your wanting to do it.. and although money is tight, you can do it. youv done it before and i have no doubt that u can do it again now.. and on the bright side, atleast you don't have more than you originally lost to loose.


I say cut out the sweets this week. You need to learn to be without them, before you can re-introduce them. When you feel stronger and you'v began food optimising etc, then go ahead and syn them ;)

I wish you the best of luck hun.

Natt - SW should hire you! SW ambassador!
She's brilliant isnt' she.

Anyway I agree with everything already said and wish you well for the task in hand. You have done the right thing in comming here as this is better than class cos we are always here 24/7 and ready to help and support. It won't be long before the new you has emerged again. xx
You know how it is done and you'll get a lot of support on here...So go for it. And don't have Mars Bars in the house!

Also, I'm sorry to hear that times have been so hard. *hug*
thanks guys :gen126:

well i did eat a mars bar but have only had 1 and ive counted it so that is a step in the right direction for me.

ive stuck to plan today and feel quite good about it, will feel better at bed time when day 1 is compleat.

will keep you all updated how i get on. thanks again for all the support you have gave me
Hi. Firstly well done for getting back on the wagon, at least you are still 'in credit'. I usually gain what ive lost plus another stone for good measure d'oh!

I know exactly where you are coming from with the comfort eating.......and you have had a hard time. What ive learnt over the past few days is sometimes you cant change whats happening in your life, but you can change your eating habits. It will feel good to be in control of something.

In a bid to try and put you off the fizzy coke - have you seen what happens to a penny coin if you leave it soaking in coke? Just imagine thats what its doing to your insides!

I wish you every success xx
What more can I say?? I totally agree with everything said before. And Nat you are fab x

I do SW at home as well so you are in good company here!!! It might help to start a food diary on here and we can all help with your choices and help give ideas, I have just started one and find that if I know I have to admit to everyone what I have eaten it make me think twice!! Hopefully that will last.

Good luck hun xx

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