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Support needed

Hey guys i really need to vent, i just completely binged on 55 syns and feel so guilty! and i feel like i could EAT MORE!!! :confused: I'm not going to though.
I've written down everything, counted it and now i have 22.5 syns (from 105) until sunday and a party to go to saturday, now I'm scared i wont lose anything because i would have had all my syns allowance by sunday.
I know this isn't really a question but needed to get it out of my system :(.
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ok well I'd go for damage limitation. Don't use any syns from now until Saturday & then drink say vodka & diet coke but alternate it so you're not drinking as much. And just eat S&SS foods until next WI.

Don't worry too much about it, just enjoy yourself & do the best you can, after all it's just for one week.
I'd second that!! Don't beat yourself up...you're human!! xx
Thanks for the support guys :), yeah i was thinking of doing that, or just having 1/2 syns a day until saturday then just drink vodka. I'll let you know how i do after WI sunday!
We all have these ups and downs, so don't worry you are not alone. Just draw a line and keep going :) Try to have more SS foods than normal and have fun on Saturday!
Well if its any consolation I have consumed 99 syns in the last week in 2 trips to McDonalds and then had a whole bottle of wine on Sat night and been over on my syns most of the last few days. Bad week I hear you say, lol, well I was distraught/angry at myself last night and was dreading WI today.... I lost 2.5lbs! So albeit DO NOT go by my last week but sometimes things do work in very weird ways as I have seen tonight.

So ma lady, chin up, just get back to plan with loots of speed and superspeed foods and the result MAY not be as bad as you think :)
Glad to have given you some helpful words :) Just make sure you dont do what a lot of people do and thats say oh sod it ive blown it now for the whole week and use it as an excuse to go completely off plan. Providing you stick to your syns and eat plenty of the good stuff then you should have caused little damage.

I think thats where most diets fail - people are too quick to give up and give in to these moments of weakness and as its already been said you an me and everyone on this board is only human. Let us know how you get on :D
Crumbs, I had a bad day too the other day, had a small dominoes pizza and it came to 71 syns!! And some booze too! Another 20 syns! But I did it and enjoyed it!! the positive thing is that we know when we are doing it and can make changes! Before I started SW, I was probably having 200 syns a day!!! NO MORE!! You havedone a really positive thing acknowledging where you went wrong, and as our SW leader says to us, its in the past...just look forward!! Good luck!!!
Thank you so much everyone, your comments have made me feel so much better. Last night after my binge i went to a yoga class to relax and give myself a reassuring pep talk and so far today i have stuck to plan and intend on doing the same until saturday evening where i shall be indulging in plenty of vodka! :)
I shall let you all know the result on sunday. Is these a thread where you can put in your WI results ive seen a few, who sets them up or is it up to us?

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