Supposed to start refeed today, need advice please.


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My WI and new regime was supposed to be yesterday, my counsellor was off ill, just phoned, and again today she is off ill, there will be a replacement for her tomorrow but the thing is I have no food at all, no one there today knows anything about Lipotrim.
They have told me I can go and get some shakes to tide me over until tomorrow, I am supposed to be on refeed today so I can have my Xmas dinner, I am back on it Jan 2nd so refeed is only for a couple of weeks.
Not sure what to do, I don't know anything about maintenance shakes, what do I ask for to keep me going for 1 day ?
I'm so peed off, I have followed this diet to the book so far and on the day that matters there is no help at the Chemist :(
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Lol, it's ok, panic over, just re-read the plan and it says I can have my usual shakes.
I feel a bit daft now but not so peed off, I must stop speed reading :brainfart:


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Stick to your usual shakes hun as you are returning to LT after Christmas. Good luck with your refeed.



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Thanks both, it is going really well so far. First meal was Chicken and Iceberg lettuce, my tastebuds went on an overload with the first mouthfull.
I decided to get my usual weeks shakes ( all choc, yum ) which should last me into the new year so I won't be going back until I start on just shakes again, my scales at home weigh in the same as the Chemists so I will keep track every few days to make sure I am not putting any on.
Have a great xmas all.