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Surely the exercise will pay off and help...


Ok i have got on the ball this week and for the past 4 days gone on my E A Active game on my own preset workout doing punchbag boxing, running, dancing etc burning 250 cals each tim in 35 minutes...

If i am burning that much each night for at least 4 nights a week surely SURELY im gaurenteed to lose 1lb AT LEAST in 1 week???
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it takes 3500 calories to lose 1lb so your burning around 1000 calories,

you need to work out how many calories your body needs to maintain your weight say 1800 if you are having 1200 calories then your around 4200 a week less than needed so your body should get that from the fat stores,

so with the exercise you should lose around 1-1.5 a week - however this won't always show on the scales due to water retention/totm/muscle gain etc inches are the best way to see your losing weight !




so confusing isnt it. So even after the exercise i have done this week it wont really take any weight off....doh! Thats a lot of exercise you need to do!!

Exercise will help with toning your body as you lose weight, also it gives you a sense of well being i it will help ! just not a quick fix


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pfffffff is there really a quick fix???

Not to worry vicky, you're obv working really hard, I couldnt do what you do on a daily basis so just keep it up and your hard work will pay off!
Easier said than done of course but keep the faith, you aint gaining anything!


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hey vic, u have to remember that you are cutting ur cals by eating less AND exercise, so combined it WILL help, however u have to keep in mind that muscel weighs more then fat! so it may seem like ur weight is staying the same however u will be loosing fat.
i think this exercise might really help with the tummy area you mention that bothers u tho so keep at it


Hopefully, i do feel so good after doing what i have been doing the past 5 days now. I really work up a sweat and i have burnt the 250 like i said each time.

Hopefully it will pay off :) Going to measure up later and check my measurements i only check this once every 6 weeks or so, hopefully theres a difference, id like to think so or sumat is totally wrng somewhere haha :)

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