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Surely this is bad advice...?


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I've just mentioned this in another thread, but wanted some opinions.

My sister is off work because of high blood pressure (she's 8months pregnant) and the midwife said on Monday if it got any higher she'd have to go to hospital due to pre-eclampsia (?).

Anyway, to monitor my sister she said she'd come today and Friday to check her blood pressure.

Well, she can't GET to my sister's house due to snow (sister lives in middle of nowhere 6 miles from the town and the roads are bad and hilly). That's fine - but she's told my sister to try to get to HER in town.

Surely this isn't good advice/practice? My sister has a Landrover because of where they live so yes, her vehicle is better suited. But the snow chains aren't yet fitted (they ordered some in case snow risks her getting to hospital, we don't usually need them lol) on the tyres, she's off work because of her health, it's bitter out and what happens if she can't get back home?

Now, we have spare rooms ready for this - especially if she needs to stay nearer to birth due date etc - but the midwife doesn't know this.

I just think it's a bit naughty to ask a pregnant lady at risk of being hospitalised to make the trip? I told sister to NOT go and to tell her OH to leave work NOW to make sure he can get home (his car is 4 wheel drive too so hopefully he can get to her at worst and get her to ours at best etc). But she's going to try to get to town because it's what's being told to her.

Whatcha think?
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Hmmm, it's really important that she has her pressure checked, if it gets really high it can bedangerous... but then making the trip might be a risky thing to do... if she feels fine, no fuzzy lights infront of her eyes, no swelling of hands/feet, no headaches, then maybe it could be put off until tomorrow?? Its worrying either way but maybe your sister feels ok driving so if she's fine with it i'd try not worry :) xx


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I would give midwife a good slappin, naughty naughty. If your sister feels poorly or faint/dizzy etc, ring an ambulance if she feels she needs one, but tell her to go to bed and rest with feet elevated above her hips, not comfy but works.


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Thanks ladies. I know it's important that she has her blood pressure checked because of the risk of pre-eclampsia. But having said that...midwife hasn't rang back to give my sister the time slot so it's a good job she didn't set off!

Also, getting into bad driving conditions won't help her blood pressure.

She's fine - she says she's not sure why her pressure is up cause she feels ok in herself. She's currently watching trashy day telly and losing braincells at a rapid rate (her words not mine lol). I'm sure it'll be ok. Just not happy the advice was to head out and then not even get back with a confirmed appointment :(

On a good note I went round last night and the nursery looks beautiful and she's washed all baby's stuff and it's all hanging up ready for baby - the pram's up ready and her mummy bag is packed. She's packing me a bag too (Aunty Bag as she calls it) for when I babysit lol! xxx


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Hope shes ok xxx

Thanks everyone. She's fine thanks. The midwife managed to get through - apparently she was stuck elsewhere but got freed and managed to get to my sister's in the end (though her tracks up the lane and driveway were all fishtaily when we got there and it wasn't a nice drive for us).

My sister's blood pressure has dropped a little but is still high. She's been told she can return to work on Monday, but if it goes up again she's going to have to take her maternity leave early - which isn't too bad really as it'll only be a few weeks earlier than she planned - she wants to work until the week before due date (12th Feb).

However, the baby is engaged - and the midwife said the 'bump' in the baby bump was baby's bottom! You can feel it if you rub hand over sister's bump...very weird and cute! I'm not a Mum or know much about what happens, but do bumps drop? My sisters belly looks lower than it was a week or so ago - it's odd.

Anyway, sister looks lovely and radiant and relaxed - so the week off has helped her loads. The only thing she says she isn't liking is it feels like baby is going to 'fall out' when she stands up now...hmmm...I am no doctor or midwife but I am not sure she's going to make it until the 12th of Feb? Whatcha think?


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Lol yes bumps drop, when the head engages... or bum for that matter! So baby is breach did I read that right? Babies can engage any time late on or not even until labour so it doesn't mean she'll pop any time soon. I remember that "falling out" feeling, that's when the real pregnancy waddle begins... I walked like a penguin, hilarious... it's fine until they engage lol. Glad your sister is ok!! :) xx