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Surgery won't sign

Contacted my surgery about forms but they have said they do not sign the LL forms as apparently the forms asks the doctors to take responsibility, on advice of LMC they won't sign them. Thing is, I know there is ways round this, but what I'm wondering is, if I do this for joining, do I then need to do that every month. Do you all get checked every month?
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Every 28 days, u have ur blood pressure and pulse. My llc is trying to get a nurse to come to our meetings, and do this and charge a small` fee.
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yes - we have our BP and Pulse checked every 4 weeks in foundation and development.

I am not sure they are correct that they would sign responsibility - I believe that is the whole point - that they do not - they simply are saying you are fit at the moment, and safe to proceed as you choose, tc.

Good luck hon.


If you run in to real trouble speak to the LLC as most LLC's know docs in the area that support LL and you can go privatley. Hope it does no come to that.
Speak to your counsellour. She may know of another GP in your area that will sign. (Some GPs don't in my area either) You will need to have your blood pressure taken every 4 weeks. Even this is becoming more & more difficult as more people join LL. The majority of pharmacies in my area are saying no. My counsellor has arranged for a practice nurse to visit once a month for a charge of £3 each, which isn't too bad (I've heard of some charging £25!)
All this hassle really hacks me off. There seems to be little encouragement for us to lose weight from some people at the NHS. Would they all rather pay for our heart disease medication & diabetes medication, I wonder???
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do u have a nurse that attends ur surgery. As i got my nurse to sign the form.
I have just qualified as a nurse and due to start work in next few weeks, been having a think about it and I will just get my blood pressure done in the ward, I read somewhere that a nurse can sign it, without a stamp as long as they put their pin number. So I'm sure one of the other girls will do that for me. Have emailed LLC so waiting for her to get back to me.


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I find this so ridiculous. Before I started LL I went to see a dietician at the practice, well what a waste of my time. He told me nothing I did not know, had about as much personality as a cardboard box. For heavens sake if a convenional diet worked for us we would not be there asking them to sign. I was so lucky to have two dr's (one of whom wanted to go on the diet) that were supportive.

Its not costing them anything either other than a quick blood pressure check.
Isn't it strange though that the pharmacy will do it for you, not knowing you from Adam, but your own surgery won't.

The nurse was lovely, explained that it was entirely my choice and she knew a few people who had done it successfully, but it was surgery policy not to sign, although she gave me last blood pressure as of 10 days ago.

Anyways, hoping LLC can give me someone privately and they can see me before Tuesday, otherwise I can't join group next week.
my doctor wouldn't sign it wither so my LL counsellor told me which surgeries do sign them so I registered with a different doctors. Bot extreme bit it didn't cost me anything. And you can get your BP done at your LLoyds pharmacy for free. This isn't a brick wall, just a hurdle xx
Just spoke to my friend on the phone who is a nurse and she has said she will sign the initial form if it is acceptable, but she won't be able to stamp it but will put her NMC pin number, as she isn't doing it on behalf of her place of work but independently. Just off to contact LLC again to ask if this is acceptable. I'm not too worried now, if its meant to be (and it is) it will be sorted by Tuesday. Thanks for all your replies.


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i am a practice nurse, i feel like you too, i wish i could sign my own form,,, there must be a better way . it is very stressful and worrying waiting for a gp to say 'yes' or 'no', they do not realise they have your future and alot of power in their hands!!! hope you get your form sorted asap.


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Bloody doctors have a lot to answer for!! :p

I am supposed to be getting this 28 days check up thingy done but I'm not going back THERE!!

Ok, brief back story here. Bear with me!

I went for my information session on the Tuesday. I booked myself a doctors appointment on the Wednesday morning, took my form in, doctor took form, looked over it and told me to come back in the afternoon and he would have it ready for me. Went back in the afternoon. Paid £15. Got form. Done.

My dad went the week after. He gave his form in at the reception desk. They told him it would be 7-14 days. And he would be charged £45. So he told them that he would just book an appointment and it would get done then. They said it would not. So he told them what had happened with me and they said that I should not have booked the appointment as appointments are for sick people and I was undercharged. How rude. Anyway, 3 weeks later and Daddy still has not got form signed and is bad mouthing the doctor like you would not believe!!

So, as you can see, I am not going back there again. I will have to check with LLC next week, see if there is somewhere local she can think of where I can get the check up done.

Bloody nightmare this. All I wanna do is lose some weight. Whoever thought there would be so much hassle involved!?

B x
I had my blood pressure done at a local pharmacy every few weeks (sky high the first time because I was worried they wouldn't!) - just do the rounds until you find one who will. Local and Lloyds are better than Boots.