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Surprise syns - The good and the bad

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by lt52, 13 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Just thought I'd start another little thread about Syns. Don't think I've found one like this. But to give a bit of a focus on surprise ones.... Does anyone have any good surprises about syns or some real shockers?

    I'll start off with the good:
    Mikado little chocolate covered biscuit sticks, might be a little small but do help with the sugar, biscuit and chocolate cravings and at 0.5 syns each - they are an easy way of keeping in line and getting your little cravings too...

    Anyone else got any surprises they've found to avoid or to enjoy?

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  3. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Mikados are AMAZING!!!! So glad I discovered these thanks to this forum!

    Last time I did SW I had a shock when I ate a croissant and it was something stupid like 25 syns!!!! Couldn't believe it!
  4. haileyhaiz

    haileyhaiz Full Member

    I love Mikado's too! I slide some grapes and strawberries on them to make them like little fruit kebabs!:eat:

    I used to love a pot of micro noodles till I found out there 24.5 syns :faint2::faint2: to think I would then team this with a few fat slices of bread and butter??!?!? They've all been thrown out and replaced with lowfat super noodles! (just need to get used to the different taste haha) But I will NEVER go back to those!!!
  5. rm247

    rm247 Full Member

    My big one was fruit juices. I used to "be healthy" and drink nothign but fruit juice for days at a time, according to SW i was taking in about 100 Syns a day through juice alone.
  6. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Wow I am so glad there are people commenting on this.

    25's is quite ridiculous! It's amazing to think of the 'good' things like Fruit juice and that are actually quite bad for you!

    Mikados turned into a little sweet treat kebab - I love the idea of and will take it with me!!!

    So another quick one from me, a good surprise - sticking with the chocolate theme! Half a tube of smarties which is something like 16/17 of them are 4.5 syns. If you eat them one by one or in twos with a kind of break in between, I find they really hit the spot. Also, crushed over some vanilla with chocolate sprinkles muller light is quite fabby too!

    Alternatively, spashing out 5.5 syns on a small(ish) funsize bag of malteasers (they are half the size of a standard bag but not the tiny ones) over some vanilla with chocolate sprinkles muller light is quite fab as well!

    And Mikado would work too!

    Love this thanks for all your comments guys and keep them coming! :D

  7. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    I had a good surprise last week at college. I normally take my own packed lunch as the only place to buy anything is Greggs. Stupid me though forgot my lunch! I was panicking as everything in Greggs is pastry or loaded with mayo. I spied a tomato & cheese pasta pot and thought I'd check the syns online. My stupid phone had no signal so couldn't check the syns but thought "Sod it! I'm starving." The calories for the whole pack were 300 something so I knew absolute worst case scenario it would be 15 syns which I could work into my week. After I'd eaten it I eventually got the app working and found out it was only 6.5 syns!!

    I was so relieved and it's nice to know that if I do fancy having lunch out on a college day then there is something I can have at Greggs.
  8. Aymz

    Aymz Silver Member

    Hi guys. This page seems interesting. Cadburys chocos are 1 syn each and if you make them melt in your mouth they last longer. Also if you give in and have the whole pack it's 11 syns so still within a day's allowance.
  9. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Such a good surprise for you Wegle! I always keep mugshots at work just in case the munchies kick in or I forget/something goes wrong with lunch.

  10. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Thanks Amyz - I am really glad people are liking this post!

    Perfect on the chocos from Cadbury's - I will be stealing that idea for sure! I'm sure malteasers are 0.5 syns each (11 Calories so half a syn yeah?) so they are good for chocolate fixes too and two for a syn is pretty amazing :)

    Thanks for the post guys, keep the good surprises coming and the bad ones so we all don't make the same mistakes.
  11. pandauk

    pandauk Full Member

    I couldn't believe it when I saw in the latest magazine that Morrison's Hunters Gammon ready meal is only 1/2 a syn per portion (2 portions in a pack) - this is such a yummy meal with gammon, cheese & BBQ sauce. Compared with 7 1/2 syns of the chicken equivalant meal - I'd take Gammon anyday!
  12. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    pandauk - thanks for the info, keep sharing them surprise syns!!!

    Not really found anything since my last little lot to shock me - so I am enjoying having 2 Alpen Light bars as a B Option but they are also only 3.5 syns each. My favourite is the chocolate and fudge ones. I was a little disappointed with the double chocolate ones.

    Keep those suggestions coming folks, I'm trying some Diary Milk choco's tonight that Aymz suggested.

    Has anyone tried out any suggestions?

  13. Revy

    Revy Full Member

    I found in one of the magazines Werthers original butter candies sugar free are 0.5 syns each and they last ages :D
  14. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    wow Revy - never even thought of looking for those! I've just kinda avoided sweets altogether but actually this might be a nice step forward!!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  15. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Found another interesting one for you all

    Werther's Original Sugar Free butter candies are 0.5 syns each (This only applies to the sugar free ones!)
    Nice to have a sweet that's a little reminder of fudge/butter scotch/sweet fix/sweetie that lasts a long time

    Got a box with about 14 in from Morrisons but now I've tried them I don't mind spending a little more on the bigger bag

  16. sareypoop

    sareypoop Full Member

    15 tooty fruity sweets are 4 syns! I love these!
  17. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Thanks - nice to know there's as sweet low syn fix too!

  18. Revy

    Revy Full Member

    I've been having some Milky Bar Mini Eggs lately, 7 eggs for 5 syns :D
  19. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Oooo wow Revy! I forgot you can get them in egg form too! Gonna have to get some of those too!
  20. Mrsbod

    Mrsbod Full Member

    I get the Multi pack of milky bars, each one is 1.5 syns and they really deal with my sweet needs. A pack of 6 is normally £1, so cheap too
  21. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Anther one guys! Diet coke chicken was a lovely treat and completely syn free!

    Although I think I ate too much and it gave me stomach ache - quite bad cramps!! Probably better off in moderation

    Keep them coming guys - :D
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