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Survived the chocoholics party


Not such a fat kat now :)
Ooh who does that. If be in heaven :)

Well done though. You've more will power than I have with choc

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Oooooh well done you! :) Crisp Parties would be my weakness tho, Especially if it was a Kettle Crisp party....
Kettle crisps and crusty bread with real butter.....there should be parties for that (or perhaps not because it would be my absolute downfall..). Well done for surviving the party though, that takes some serious willpower xx
Mmmm kettle chip & crusty bread with butter mmmm, do you know what? When I get to goal I'm gonna treat myself to exactly that!! Knowing my luck by then my fat tolerance will be so low I'll puke!!!!
I was wondering about that...do you think that when we come of xen and/or reach goal, do you think it will have lowered our fat tolerance? My Mum lost 3.5 stone on WW a few years ago and got so used to not eating anything fatty that when she tried to treat herself to a chippy tea it made her ill. Think I'll ask next time I go to the drs. I will also continue to dream about kettle crisps and crusty bread with butter! xx
I have banned myself from mince pies!!! (can't just eat one) And swapped to hovis teacakes... And try not to have toast attacks lol
Ooo Teacakes, Yum. I bought the Weight Watchers Malt Loaf a few weeks ago and that was really nice, hard not to eat the whole loaf in one go tho.....
My mother-in-law made me some dairy free mince pies last week and thank god she only gave me 3 of them out of the freezer stash or I would have scoffed the whole dozen.
Even the smell of the fish & chip shop make me feel sick at the seaside the other week. I actually think eating them would make me ill but I'd give it a damn good try lol

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