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Surviving the pub!

I risked a trip to my regular watering hole this evening for the first time since CD started - and by regular, I mean I am usually there 5 nights a week! I am normally restricted to one pint as I usually drive - the pub is 5 miles away. On the nights that I don't drive, I put away the pints and shots with the best of them, but it's usually once a month. But tonight, I wanted to see my mates, and I hate missing out on "the crack".
So, as I walk in the door, bartender has a pint glass under the Sagres tap for me and I have to yell "STOP!". Of course, being one girl in a group of guys, the obvious "Are you pregnant???" question HAHAHA :p but I explain the reasons for my abstinence. To my surprise, they are very supportive, and sit with my delicious, tasty tap water for a couple of hours while the lads booze it up and eat Monster Munch.
But I did it. :D
I also noticed that I smoked a lot less this evening (which is also a good thing, as I know smoking is evil and deadly, but one vice at a time, eh?:rolleyes:)
So, as a treat, I have had a piece of fish and some kale for my supper instead of a soup. Another day down! YAY! I hope you are all having a nice evening and looking forward to the weekend xxxxx
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Perseverance is key
Well done hun, I bet you're very proud of yourself!! :) xx


should still have the soup! If you've not already had all your required packs, the minimum number are an essential! need to make sure you get enough carb, protein and vitamins/minerals.

But (mammy voice off now) huge well done on surviving the pub! its a trial, i was at a party on Saturday and spent hours knocking back drink offers instead stuck to water and a sneaky diet coke but it was hard.

So huge well done!
Oooh thanks so much for the tip! I will have a shake before bed time - I forgot about that!!! Thanks for the kind posts - amazing how one little victory, a morsel of white fish and the support on this forum makes stuff seem good! G'night all, and sweet dreams! :)

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Don't you feel so amazing when you get through the nights out! I'm a student so half my life is spent in the pub...the lads find it strange that I'm not drinking as I'm usually the one calling for shots :D Well done on avoiding temptation!

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