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Surzy's Food Fiesta!!


Fat Fund-raising Fanatic
I've been following the slimming world plan now since January 4th - when I had a bit of a Damascus moment and just joined the first SW group I came across!!

I've lost 1st 5.5lbs so far which I am over the moon about.

I thought it was a good idea to start a food diary.

Todays food...

2 weetabix (HEXB) with milk from HEXA
Cup of tea (milk from HEXA)
Bowl of rasberries and chopped apple.
2 oranges
Bowl of super speed soup
Alpen Light (4 syns)
1 can diet coke
Chilli, garlic and ginger stirfry with pork, egg noodles and many super free veggies (peppers, spring onion, shredded carrot, baby sweetcorn and mange tout :)
2 dime bar minis (3 syns)
Cup of tea (milk from HEXA)
Muller light (choc with cherry) (2 syns)
Plus several glasses of water
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Yesterday was a good day - lost 2lbs at w.i. :)

Food GREEN day

bowl of cherries and raspberries
vanilla muller light
1 hifi bar (HEBB1)
Tuna salad ( no dressing) (Tuna HEXB2)
2 satsumas
1 orange
Choc brownie options (3 syns)
1 hifi bar (6 syns)
HM Potato Wedges
HM Chick Pea and Lentil Daal

Numerous cups of tea with milk from HEXA
lots of water :)


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Today is an Extra Easy day

2 sm wholemeal toast
1 laughing cow light (2 syns)
1 sm tin spaghetti hoops
1 apple
1 nectarine

I have taken 12 cherry toms, 3 sticks of celery, a jacket potato and sm tin of no drain tuna in brine and another laughing cow light to work for lunch and snacks - plus an orange, nectarine and plum.

Have friends round for dinner so cooking chicken Fajitas - they will have wraps - I will have little gem lettuce leaves :) ff yoghurt and hm salsa to serve - with a side of jeweled rice.


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Extra Easy Day

Not too hungry this morning so just a muller light and a nectarine for breakfast.

Will be taking 2 alpen lights (1 apple and sultana and 1 summer fruits) to work for extra snacks just incase the hunger strikes later plus my usual stock of fruit 1 orange, 1 nectarine and 2 satsumas.

After the success of the pre-cooked jacket spud from yesterday i'm having it again today - it really filled me up! So we have jacket, no drain tuna in brine and a laughing cow light plus cherry toms and celery :)

Not sure what I will have for tea tonight - I have some syn free chilli in the freezer .... might have that as i'm home alone tonight.

Will also be making a batch of super speed soup tonight for the weekend and next week :)
Hey Sarah

Dont worry my friday want far more to pot than yours did!
Mine was something along the lines of...1 creme egg, 1 cadburys caramel bar, toffee & popcorn giant cookie and a pic n mix from blockbuster!

HAHA had a mega binge day but really needed it! Have reigned myself back in now and been good!!
Have a look on SW website for Mustard Chicken with Swede Mash, i made it last night and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!



Fat Fund-raising Fanatic
Hi Kate ... i'm on the SW website now looking for inspiration - also treated myself to the saucy secrets book from group last week!!

I've convinced my sister and step mum to join SW too so we can all compare notes!!

Friday was really odd - late in the week meet and greet! and before i'd realised i'd devoured a muffin and an iced bun - totally forgot myself - must remember that in future and take an orange down with me so i don't feel left out and distracted!!

Good on ya for getting back on the wagon ... :)


Fat Fund-raising Fanatic
Today's treats ...

Orange and nectarine
tomato and herb pasta pot shot
pasta with tomatoes and peppers plus bowl of ranch style veggies from asda (without the ranch dressing!)
2 satsumas
turkey and chorizo paella (50g in whole dish - 5 syns) spanish omlette and green beans in a tomato sauce :)

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