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After gloriously putting all my weight back on im back.

had a really pant couple of years but that no excuse to of put the weight back on.

im leaving my old pics in my album so I ca remember how far i came last time and i will be there again before the year is out.xxx
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Hi there .
I remember you from back then. We were here at the same time in 2008. I remember the photo of you next to the garden shed.
None of us is proud to be back here, but it was the only way that I would stay 100%, by having to confess to my weaker moments after restarting on the 14th March 2011.
Being back on Minimins has worked for me and I have been almost 100%. My only naughty was 2 days ago, but only chicken and salad, so not too bad.
Have lost 19lbs so far and moving my goal posts like I did the first time. Heading for 10st I think.
Just remember how you felt when you were down at 10st 2lbs. If you felt anything like I did, then you know what you are aiming for.
Good luck on your return and please please don't give up. It is never easy on subsequent times, but worth the battles to get back to slimmer body
Thanks hunni, my cdc is coming over in about half an hour so I guess i will be starting tomorrow. Im looking forward to it I felt so in contol last time so hope I will again.

your doing really well, well done.x


Hi its me again
hiya there

i returned too this week. day 2 for me today. Havent had hardly enough water yet:( thats still gunna take some doing to get back into:rolleyes:

Good luck on your restart, keep on posting
Got my packs and am starting tomorrow and my cdc will call and see how im doing friday.


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What flavours did you go for?
Just the normal flavours choc, choc mint and strawberry.

so far so good 1lt of water 2 cups of tea and one shake down.


Must do it this time
Welcome back hun.Its my 3rd restart on cd and am realy hoping its the last.
Best of luck to you
Welcome back Susan70. Just looked at your photos from last time wow! You can do it again Im sure and you sound focussed. I restarted yesterday and have started a diary hopefully to help me stay on track.

Good luck - Im looking forward to seeing you succeed. :) x
Thankyou, I will do it and keep it off this time, so much has happened in the last 2yrs and Im now a different person.


Trying to stay healthy!
Hey Susan, I remember you from your last time too! I think I was just starting out as you were finishing cd.
Good luck with getting through your first few days hun!
You can do it!
Well its day 3 today and ben 100% ss since starting this diet really suits me, I can do this and I will do it.xxx
Hi, i tend to have a routine of
get up and have a coffee or 2.lol
start on my water
10am-11am 1st shake
4pm ish- 2nd shake
7-8pm- 3rd shake.

Im not having my WI until friday so I will of been on cd 9days by then, heres hoping to a good loss.

I had a bit of a blip at the weekend but its in the past and over with so not going to let that worry me.
Great attitude Susan :) I try to have my shakes later too cos its the evenings that I'm inclined to feel weak (not physically - mentally!). Bet you can't wait for Friday to find out your progess :)
Susan and nibbles i remeber you from before, I last did this in 2008!! how are you both and how have you been.

Ive managed to have a baby since then, i put my cd weight on far too quickly. Gutting really.


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So many of us that started back in 2008 and have returned in 2011
Good luck to you all.
For me, I am finding that I am so impatient. I WANT IT NOW and only 5 weeks in, but 21lbs down.
7-11 lbs to go, will see where I end up

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