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Sushi Confusion...

Hi guys, I really need help with something.

So, I have just worked my way through lots and lots of sushi (nutritional info in links).. Infact I had a medium pack -

Tesco Fish Sushi Selection Medium 222g product information - Tesco.com

And a large one -

Tesco Fish & Vegetable Sushiex Large 359g product information - Tesco.com

Now, there are some sushi's listed in the online syns section - A medium one that is 222g's is listed on there as 232g's and 2.5syns and the large one isn't listed, but if you add together a medium and small, of the same one to make 350g's, it makes 3 syns?

Now when I put in the infor for the large one, it comes as 27syns???

How can there be such a difference? I really don't understand. It can NOT be that high because all the sushi's are listed as really low...

I need to know accurately because I really do eat a lot of it...

Please, can someone help...
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Nojo on the YoYo
Did you make sure to check the free food content of the rice and the fish? That's what makes the syn count low in Tesco sushi!
If you put rice in as the free food on green and salmon as the free food on original then it comes out with the following.

5½ Syns per package/portion on Extra Easy
5½ Syns per package/portion on Green
17 Syns per package/portion on Original

Maybe someone else could check that I've done it correctly.


Nojo on the YoYo
I calculate that large sushi you had to be 2 and a half syns from the info from the link you gave, and putting it as EE and putting rice as the main green ingredient and salmon as the main red ingredient. This means that even though the vegetables in it got synned, you still come out at a low 2 and a half syns for the pack, and that includes the wasabi and ginger pickle.
Ahhhh, right, so I registered the rice and the salmon as free foods, on EE and it's now saying 5.5 syns for the large 359g pack....

Could someone do me a favour and work out the syns for the medium and large pack for me (using the links above) so I can double check them against mine to make sure I've done it right?

Thanks Vixxster x


Nojo on the YoYo
No, that's what I got for the 359g one!

I do think that calorie amount is wrong on the site on that one. I'm suuuure it's more calories than that. I eat the Tesco sushi too!
The info you have put in for the 359g pack is different to mine?

I have 5.5syns for the 359g large pack when i register the salmon and rice as free foods?

And 4.5 syns for the medium 222g pack when i register salmon and rice as free foods?

Is that right?


Nojo on the YoYo
Yep, i get 4.5 syns for the medium one. Still getting 2 and a half for the larger one with the low calorie amount.

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