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  1. Charliemae

    Charliemae Well-Known Member

    On vday I'm going for dinner. I'm going to stick to sashimi. Can I still have the soy sauce and wasabi. Also anything else I can have in a sushi restaurant
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  3. ElleC

    ElleC Well-Known Member

    I do this sometimes - I normally do stick to the sashimi and find that the soy and wasabi doesn't knock me out of ketosis. I also have a green tea and a bowl of miso soup normally. I'm a bit wary of anything else - the teriyaki contains a lot of sugar, and ponzu sauce is flavoured with lime / lemon so the citric acid might knock you out. Even the edamame which I love is quite starchy and might boot you out of ketosis...
  4. Charliemae

    Charliemae Well-Known Member

    Thanks for reply. Sashimi with just soy and wasabi is my fav anyway so I'm fine with just that :)

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