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Discussion in 'Slimming World - Eating Out' started by aerdna, 30 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. aerdna

    aerdna New Member

    Going out for sushi with friends this week. Any advice? How do I calculate syns etc? Thanks
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  3. Catinajar

    Catinajar Member

    I'm wondering about this as well…it's unfortunate because it's mostly rice and fish, with fish being free on red days (but not rice) and rice being free on green days (but not fish!). If you are doing EE, I think you are quids in, though, as long as the meat/fish doesn't come with dressing or mayo etc mixed in.
  4. shopoholic

    shopoholic Member

    Sushi rice is prepared with a small amount of sugar + mirin (2syns per tbsp)

    I usually stick to sashimi, plain fish nigiri, fish and vegetable makis. Avoid katsu, avocado and crab and mayo dishes. I usually count meal there as a days syns.
  5. new_patty

    new_patty Full Member

    I love sushi, I thought it would be syn free but I forgot about the sugar they put in the rice to make it sticky, I still think it's a better option that a curry?! the one I ate on Saturday was just a M&S one and I've looked at the syns online in the app and there were online 3 syns for a 191 gr packet xx

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