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sw cheat

well not sure if this is in the right place but i need to get it off my chest. Ive done the sw diet for many years (as most of us do). Rejoined last week for a serious kick up the bum, and i know that she will not benefit in the long run and is putting her health at risk BUT i go with a work colleague who has been at group for about 10 weeks. She has 2 stone and has 8 slimmer of the week awards. I was so proud of her and she was one of the reasons i went back to class, anyhow last night after a few vodkas she asked how the diet was going and if i had stuck to plan, i explained id decided to have all my syns this time around so that i didnt feel i was diet and could lower them as needed. She then asked did i want a certain big weight loss this week. I was confused but didnt expect her next bit, turns out she is taking speed to control her cravings and speed up weight loss and she also takes a water tablet the day of weigh in. Im gutted, needless to say i said no and she got a piece of my mind, but i thought those poor people at class who have good weight loss who lose out on slimmer of the week or struggle and look to her for advice. Just wondering if anyone has come across similar things b4
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Goodness me, not sure what to suggest.

By "speed", I assume you mean some kind of amphetamine? If so, unless it has been prescribed, this is a Class B drug and there are penalties for possession. You might want to remind her of that.

You have probably already told her about the damage she is doing to her long-term health.

In the long run you and your fellow SW members who are doing the plan properly will be the eventual real winners, but it is annoying to see her walking away with the Slimmer of the Week award so often when you know what she is doing to achieve it.

The thing is, if you tell anyone about it you run the risk of getting her into serious trouble, and you probably don't want to do that.

I don't think I am being terribly helpful here - just stating the obvious, really! I think that in your situation I would not do anything, but I would be interested to see what other people here have to say.


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I have never come across anyone who has admitted to using other resources as well as food optimising to have lost their weight, but i'm sure we've all been tempted at times (i know I have) with the various weight loss treatments (alli, etc) that are readily (and legally) available.

As I say - I've been tempted, and friends have asked if i have used such means - the answer is always however - no. Why not? Because I want my loss to be honest and all my own work and not helped/assisted by some sort of chemical.

If she is (what is in my opinion) artificially increasing her losses - then she should (on moral grounds) refuse further slimmer of the week and let the consultant know that she's adding things ontop of following the plans (no need to say what though).

omg that is shocking!!!!! cant belive that!!!! its supposed to be a way of life!! i know we all wish the weight would fall of fast but come on we want it to come off and stay off!!!! shes only cheating herself and being very very stupid if you ask me!!! hope shes not putting you off going back to sw!! xx


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I don't know what to suggest apart from talking to her and trying to put a bit of moral pressure on her to think about what she is doing and stop.

But not only is she cheating herself, putting her health at risk and breaking the law by using amphetamines but she is also cheating every other class member, including yourself, who has followed the plan and is losing weight honestly.


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Hey.. to me , thats just not healthy, its like taking diet pills, and they have side effects anyway, let alone speed. Higher Heart rate springs to mind etc..

I think you should explain to your colleague (if she mentions it again) that you don't agree with it and its not "your thing" and not to bring it up again to you.. As I take it you'll still buddy her at SW and its hard not to, esp going to work with her too. I take it at work, its illegal to be taking drugs too? She's overstepped boundaries here, big time.

That way, she'll take a hint and might even question her own self about continuing it, and 2BH, she'll feel silly anyway. x


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My 'friend' who I go with takes wizz (stops hunger more and cravings and makes you bit more hyper) and I was crying over this! I'm glad someone else speaking up!! 1st week i lost 5lb (the right way) she was 7 1/2!! and she admitte to me about what she takes... now this week I've been 100% and way in tuesday i'm hoping get 2lb loss so i get me half st award! however last week when i went she lost i stayed the same and the consultand said to my friend keep gemma on track this week etc etc ... and i felt absolutely like bursting out everything coz I just felt well least im doing it properly!

sorry 4 my rant LOL


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Wizz is Amphetamine (Speed) your 'friend' could end up having a heart attack if she takes it all the time. Not a good thing to be taking long term as when she stops taking it, her weight will pile back on!

The thing with speed is the more regular they take it the more they will need it. It's the kind of drug your body gets used to so then you need a bigger dose etc. In the beginning she may feel amazing, she's losing weight, she feels more confident but eventually her bodies going to be knackered from lack of rest. Then she risks taking other things such as valium to bring her back down so she can sleep.

Prolonged taking of speed lowers your immune systems ability to fight illness, increases your chances of heart failure and burst blood vessels in the brain.

When and if she does stop taking it she is so likely to put the weight back on as the withdrawals are the opposite of the effects of the drug. She will be likely depressed, anxious, moody and have serious hunger problems.

I know you feel bad that she is cheating your group and getting praise for it etc but in the long term she is cheating herself. As you receive each of your awards hold your head up high because you have done it yourself in the honest way without harming your body and your psychological health. Even though you don't agree with your friends ethics please don't turn your back fully on them as one day they will crash and burn and they will need all the help they can get.

I was not expecting that!

- In the end, whether she looses her weight three or four times faster than you.. but she will be a wreck, as pickles has said above, the affects of drug taking is so disatorous.

It has to be said, is this someone you really want in your life?

Surround yourself with positive healthy people..

Your doing so fabulously on the plan, all by yourself. Isn't it great that you know, all that hard work is 100% you. you didnt need any help, it was ALL you. She will not have that satisfaction. xxx
I didnt know if i should reply seeing as i dont actually have anything constructive to say but it really has wound me up. I personally have very little tolerance for people who take drugs or drink (heavily or very regularly) but that is just my opinion. These things are just poison really. They dont do anything positive to your body in the long run.
I dont even go to a group and i am angry that these people get the Slimmer of the week things, thats an achievment to most people i assume, id love to get it!
She will come undone one day, hopefully she will come to her senses sooner rather than later.
- ( i just thought i should add..

maybe contact HQ, give them the name and the group you attend and just anonmously tell them that you are aware that she is taking somthing illegal to help with her wieght loss.

They will not tolorate this in their classes if they are aware. This way its down to your C to sort it out, not you.. i can imagine you dont want to cause a massive problem.x
I PERSONALLY wouldn't be getting wound up about 'cheating other group members'. At the end of the day this girl has a serious problem.

If someone on here admitted to being bulimic, would we all shout - CHEAT! No, I would like to think we would recognise this as a serious illness, and offer support.

In my opinion, this girl should be treated the same. Taking drugs and water tablets to lose weight is an eating disorder. This girl did a stupid thing and is probably now addicted.

She needs help, not to be judged. If she were a friend of mine, I would be very concerned about her, not worrying about her 'cheating' others out of a certificate!!!!!


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Could it be ephedrine she's taking, or is it definitely speed? Ephedrine is similar in structure to amphetamine and methamphetamine, so it has similar effects, but is legally available by prescription. It's used in decongestants and to treat hypotension sometimes. Obviously speed is not legally available by prescription, so if she's taking speed it's both stupid and illegal (as everybody has quite rightly said!)

I feel sad when I hear stories like this - I'm overweight by about 8-9 stone, but I'd feel so guilty if I decided to supplement my weight loss by taking speed. Also, as a teacher, it wouldn't be the best idea!! :)

It could be that there's some major insecurity issues going on here - perhaps she has to feel like she's good, or the best, at something. I don't know.

Sian xx
Thanks for your replys guys and im glad its not just me Gemma. Purple star i understand what you are saying but my point being that yes it is only a certiificate but it is the principle. People work hard to pay for their class and get support and ive seen the demoralised looks on other peoples faces when they want to know her secret and she says i just follow plan. Eating disorders are cruel i had to witness my niece go through anorexia which is why this infuriates me because she is bragging about it . If i honestly thought it was an eating disorder i would tackle it but i think its attention seeking (i know sometimes its the same thing). Its just gonna make me watch her a little more closely to see what happens we have chatted and ive told her that i disagree and if i see any evidence of her taking it at work i will report her regardless of us getting along and i may even do so yet . Shes not happy but i professionally cannot let it continue.
I had a friend who lost her 4 children through speed addiction , if she is stupid enough to take drugs and show off about it ,leave her to the miserable life which will no doubt ensue shortly.
Crikey. Puts it into perspective for me. Yes, I'm overweight and desperate not to be, but I'm about to do anything illegal. SW all the way!

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