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SW Chips - can you have too many?

It's fine to eat plenty, but I would say that if you can, get some variety in there. More green/coloured veg. Even if you're skint you can get some bargains in Aldi!

But yep...sw chips are free :)
thanks for the advice, i will be having other things with the sw chips that i have in cupboard, i.e. noodles, pasta. just wanted to check was okay to have chips with everything, doesnt sound like a diet lol
lol...noodles pasta and chips. Now that's what I call a carb-fest!

No, it's often not like a diet, being on SW. I love it. It's so easy. Not always...there are times when it's a bit of a struggle but a lot of the time (usually when I'm eating a massive bowl of pasta or rice) that I stop and chuckle!
yeah, it really is easy to do ... although i always fall off the wagon, think i get bored even though no need to ... i seem to go on self destruct once i've lost a bit


Totally have that self destruct button myself too!!!! Am currently working on de-activating it!!LOL!!
As for SW chips.... i live on them too. Along with Jacket potatoes that is!! Potatoes make up the base of most of our meals so I am totally thankful they are free on green!!!

There was a lady in my consultants other class that had lost 6 stone but because she was skint, all she ate to lose that amount was beans and sw chips!!! Proof it works even if not totally healthy due to lack of variation!! LOL!!


Still Climbing That Hill!
Dont think i could do this diet without SW chips, There my savior!


No Coffee, No Workee
If there *is* such a thing as too many syn free chips, I think we're in trouble! :giggle:
Wish I had an actifry! It's fine to eat chips and as many as you want but do try and get some superfree foods (from the yellow pages) in there too. My C was talking last week about the difference between superfree and free foods and it really is supposed to boost your weight loss to encorporate lots of superfreebies in there too.
what is an actifry......... I love slimming world chips but they take sooooo long to cook lol
I thought about getting an actifry but never got round to it, might just have to now since it does the chips much quicker, my mum got one and it was amazing.
I googled it and it says you use oil...................
Try and get some speed foods in there as well if you can, although potatoes are free we need to balance it out a bit on green cos of the high carb allowance. Like the prev poster said go and check out the deals. If you're filling up on speeds then eat sw chips to your hearts content!!!

What on earth is an actifry?????
Dont think i could do this diet without SW chips, There my savior!
Hehehe!!! Im the same!! I only started this SW "diet" last week and already lost 5lb...we had cheesy chips for supper last night..lush!:D
wow, great responses, oh am so gonna keep eating sw chips to my hearts content ... with superspeed foods too lol. now discovered just cutting potatoes in quarter and cooking in the actifry ... DELICIOUS ... better than the chips ... gonna try adding garlic next, yum yum, garlic potatoes ... I'm loving this diet ... well maybe I should see if I lose weight on Thursday first before I get excited
well i lost 5Ib, so guess i've answered the question, there's no such thing as too many sw chips, they have been my saviour, don't feel like am on a diet
Hooray!!!! - not sure about the actifry though as i'm too tight to spend syns on chips when i can just oven cook them :)

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