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Snacks SW Crisps - YOU MUST READ!!


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Hi everyone!

Not sure if any of you have been told how to make some SW crisps SYN FREE but I thought I'd inform you all of the process.... As they are amazing!!

You have to slice the potatoes using the large slicer on a 4 sided grater.

Spray a microwaveable plate with fry light.

Lay the potatoe slices out on the plate and spray again with fry light.

Add flavour (salt, paprika, herbs)

Cook in microwave for about 5mins.

It's as easy as that!! Obviously you have to eat these in moderation... You wouldn't eat six potatoes in one go so don't go mad slicing! But they are good if you just do one potatoe as a snack!

My OH lovessssss them!

If you come up with any SYN FREE flavor combinations then let us know!

I'm not taking any credit for this as it was a girl at group who informed us but I thought I must share!

Enjoy xxxx
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May need longer than 5mins... But becareful cuz they burn quickly...

...just had them with a little bit of chili powder sprinkled over.... Yummy nom nom!



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Yup, seen this before...HOWEVER...they are only free if your having them as part of a main meal. If you have them as a snack they will need to be synned as, according to SW, they would be classed as 'food abuse'.

Tasty never the less! x


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Well the only timed I'd ever have them is when I'm starvinnnnggggggg awaiting the OH to get home for dinner!

I did one tiny potatoe tonight as we had a massive roast dinner at about 4pm, followed by about 4 'crisps' cuz he eats them all!! Lol x


I'm on green plan- just wondering if it would still be classed as 'food abuse' to have lots of these because potatoes are unlimited... hmmm :) sorry im new at this! :D


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i sometimes do these with a sandwich,or snack lunch, have had them at night, if i really don't want to use sins;)


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Haha - They are lovely, specially when you just want a quick munch!

My OH wouldnt stop eating them! He wanted me to make some and put some in a box so he could take them to work lol

Have you tried any different Flavour Combinations??



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I'm on green plan- just wondering if it would still be classed as 'food abuse' to have lots of these because potatoes are unlimited... hmmm :) sorry im new at this! :D

I think its only classed as food abuse when your making loads of potatoes worth!

I would just do one small potatoe every now and then as a little snack!

Its a dangerous affair....as i LOVE crisps..... lol


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this sounds good i am goin to try this now, im feeling quite peckish lol, not sure what flavouring yet though, will look through the cupboard il let you know how i get on.


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Haha, they are lovely! Well... Considerin they are syn free anyway!!

My next batch of crisps will be with paprika I think! Xx


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omg just tried these... have to say they are yummy!! i just did one potatoe to see how they worked out but divided them and done half with chilli and half with paprika... yum yum.

thanks for telling us about them minivik :)


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Can someone explain more about food abuse! I'd not heard of that before. I was told that first choice for snacks was fruit or veg then other stuff could be used (no syns) could be used. I'd appreciate the company line on this! Thanks!


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My interpretation of food abuse is over eating on Free food. So for example, if you make these crisps out of 6 potatoes and then sit and eat them all in one go on one day that's abusing free food, because you would never eat 6 potatoes in one go usually.

That's how I see it, if I'm wrong someone correct me please? Lol xx