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SW (exciting) veggie recipes


After piling a bit of weight since my wedding (think I got a bit carried away with the whole 'Yay I can eat what I want now!') I am back to Slimming World. I was a member a few years back and found it super easy, but after I lost 7 pounds I gave up. However now, I am at the heaviest I have ever been and am determined to get back to the slim me.

Anyway, I was hoping some of you lovely ppl could share some exciting veggie recipes - things you might have come up with yourself rather than the standard recipes you see everywhere. They don't need to be simple - I don't mind putting in extra effort for a tasty meal.

Oh and is the Cauldron tofu syn free? I can't remember!

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I still do a the old red and green days, I know my way round it. On the green, veggie days, I have SW rosti for breakfast with Linda McCartney red onion Rosemary sausages, all cooked in same oven tray with large tomato and chopped peppers and mushrooms.

I love SW wedges ( pre cooked or left over jacket spuds sliced) or chips, seasoned with garlic salt, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

Quorn mince for keema peas curry: fry lite cook onion, ginger geared garlic crushed ( or both minced with some water in a blender) quorn mince with ( all optional or whatever combo you like) fennel seeds, black onion seeds, you can add finely diced carrots, then as much curry powder of your choice ( or combo of cumin, coriander and turmeric, or pataks paste for a couple of syns) sweat it all off, add passata and stir, add salt to season to taste. You can add a portion of cooked lentils to it and chili to spice it up andmake it a dansak , also use a sweetener. Add frozen spinach. You can even add peanut butter for a a couple of syns.
You can also use quorn chicken, beef pieces to ring the changes. Serve it with rice, a microwaved popodum or 2. Yoghurt with a good teaspoon of mint sauce and sweetener. Chop up red onion cucumber, tomato finely... Get the picture?

Loads of other ideas out there.

What sort of meals do you enjoy?
The sound delicious - thanks so much! I love Indian and Italian food most. But I'm not too fussy when it comes to what type of cuisine. I also love tofu! But get stuck how to use it rather than just shoving it in a stir fry!


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What about making your own bolognaise sauce, spag Bol or quorn balls, add some fresh basil and Parmesan at the end.
Lasagna as well , SW have good recipe.

I love Taka Dahl! I cook it in a slow cooker and on the stove depending how quickly I need it. If I use slow cooker I use a mix of split yellow lentils and the small orange ones. I really wash and rinse them before cooking. Morrisons ones don't need soaking.

Boil them up in water with garlic clove (s) , turmeric and some sliced onions, pepper corns. Then I fry lite or even use a sinned amount of oil to make the tarka, finely chopped onion and garlic , cumin seeds, and chili flakes, smells lovely. The lentils ( orange if on stove method) should break down and make a thick creamy soup. I use a masher sometimes. Add that to the Dahl at the end and season to taste. In the slow cooker it can really thicken up nicely. It does depend in the volumes of water and lentils. If cooking in stove you do get a scum that you can spoon off.

Vegetable risotto is also lovely, made with good aborio rice and stock.

Spaghetti with spinach laced with garlic chive Philadelphia lite. One if my favourites.vmicrowave frozen spinach, squeeze water out, mix unto hot spaghetti add the phili ( I add fresh chilies)

Saag bajee and rice. Fry loads of finely sliced onion, finely chopped garlic, in fry lite add cumin seeds and chili flakes. Frozen or fresh spinach, finely diced fresh ginger, well seasoned and a teaspoon of Garamond masala at the end.

SW falafels are easy to make too. As are onion bhajees

I did use tofu some years ago but wasn't that impressed, either with my cooking or the quality of the tofu. If I'm out on s big social in London and don't get to eat I get a Tofu curry and rice from Wasabi on the way home, I destroy it!

Stuffed peppers , make spicy rice or bulgur wheat and fill the peppers, pop in the oven. Couscous with various chopped veg/ salad and fresh herbs.

Have a search around .....I'm making myself hungry!
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I made omelettes for me and Mrs Quins this morning , easily adaptable to veggie if you eat eggs? I eat loads as I've got about 15 free range chooks.
3 eggs beaten, onions, peppers mushrooms all diced, and courgette when it's growing, all sweated down in fry lite. Fry lite the eggs in a pan ( I added smoked paprika and season all) and fill with the sweated and seasoned veg, finely sliced cheddar over that , fold the omelette.


I also made a veggie SP lasagna the other day - used quorn mince, with loads of mushrooms and onion (you could easily make up a bean or vegetable filling instead). Instead of pasta, I used slices of roast butternut squash and roasted red peppers (from a jar). Layered it all up, then mixed quark with egg yolks and seasoned for the white sauce, with a HEXA of cheese on the top.
That sounds lovely. Unfortunately for me I have a bit of an issue with wheat & so I'd have to substitute the pasta sheets for wheat free ones or slices aubergine or something. x