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SW in someone else's kitchen??


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I'm really hoping someone can help me - I have to go to my in-laws for the long weekend. I really need to stay on track this weekend and my mother in law cooks everything in butter. Breakfasts and lunches are fine - but I could do with some ideas for dinners that would take limited cooking??
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Do what theyre having just SW-ified? Or grilled meats and jacket spuds? Or cous Cous & veggies?
Am in the same boat as you. My MIL doesn't cook very often - they tend to live on cans of soup & sandwiches. I have stocked up on mugshots, savoury rice, babybels and hifi bars, and a bag of carrots. Am taking all my spices to make a chillk tomorrow night. Hoping for damage limitation more than anything else. Plus OH is going to take us all out of dinner one night so i can make good choices.

Any other suggestions?


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I love Uncle Bens packs of Mexican style rice 2.5 syns 2 mins in micro ,gave husband one for dinner today he is hooked as well.

I saw in Sainsburys frozen dept the other day bags of grilled veg Ive not tried them yet but I will get some.

The list is endless just take your faves.:D
I would offer to cook for her because you are "so grateful for letting you stay" and sneak out the fry light. They will never know!
When I visit my sister I bring frylight, splenda, mugshots & some super low fat noodles. She does cook but it's all oiled up to hell, but she knows my plan well enough now to have some potatoes, tuna, baked beans and pasta available and some weetabix! :)


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Shrimpy, you have sorted it all for me - if I bring tuna and pasta I can survive anything!!

My mother in law wouldn't tolerate being evicted from the kitchen - she's a typical Irish mammy. On top of that she cooks on an oil burning stove so I wouldn't be confident of getting dinner out for everyone!!
Glad I was some help! :) Don't forget pasta and rice can be done in the micro if the oil burning stove is too terrifying (it would be for me too! ;) )

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