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SW or WW????

Hi all, I wonder if you can help with a quandary I'm in. I need to lose almost four stone and am undecided as to whether i should join a meeting or do it from home, whether SW or WW.

It's a bit tricky as the only SW meeting I can get to has a consultant who is not exactly my cup of tea. 2011 has GOT to be the year when I shift the flab PERMANENTLY! There is a WW meeting I can get to and I like the leader there, but the problem is I don't like the plan as much as SW.

I figure that having done SW and WW before I already know what I should and shouldn't be eating without much of a problem. Without the prospect of a weekly WI to motivate me though I know I won't do so well - it's just the way my mind works...So I think I really need to attend meetings.

My question is do I:

1: Attend SW (the plan I like) with a leader who I'm pretty lukewarm about.

2: Attend WW with a plan that's 'second best' IMO but with a leader I like.

Very puzzling so if anyone can shed any light on my problem I'd be dead grateful! TIA.
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Thanks for the reply Evan. Yes I could do it online but I really need the pressure of a public WI to get me motivated.

TBH thinking about this since I posted I think I'll go back to SW meetings. It's just that the plan is so good I'd really miss it. Maybe as I get to know my leader better I'll warm to her more too. It's just that in another SW group (which I can't get to now) I had a consultant who was so fabulous that anyone would pale by comparison.

Onwards and downwards!
Thanks for the reply Mum2Sam - were posting at the same time. I know what you mean about pointing everything at WW - it's such a pain. I know it's a cliche to say 'it's not a diet it's a healthy eating plan' - and people say it about WW as well as SW, but honestly are you going to point everything for the rest of your life? Well I know I couldn't anyway.

I would love to be your online buddy even if I do go back to meetings. PM me!
i've done both and definitely prefer slimming world. it wasnt about the pointing for me it was more about how little you could eat (or thats how it felt to me).

my mums done both - she now prefers weight watchers so guess its all personal preference.

If you dont like the consultant and you dont get the inspiration needed is it worth paying £5 for a class. You could do a food diary on here and publicallly announce your weigh in each week regardless of how you have done - would that help? I find reading minimins and seeing ppl doing it all together more motivating that the class.

you do learn new stuff in the class, such as what ppl have eaten thats low syn but personally i find more of that on here. however you would miss out on having access to the slimming world website which is now slightly better at helping you find the syns out.
OR ( and I know this will be a bit controversial) do the SW plan, come on here for support with the plan BUT WI at the WW meeting for the discipline of being weighed and extra motivation.
I've done both and cam back to SW for the free foods, though know WW fruit is now free. Really found it hard to stick to WW purely for the weighing and measuring as my fiance is a chef and doesn't like weighing things properly.


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What is it that you dont like about the consultant - I think classes need to be two way streets with group members also bringing energy and enthusiasm so there may be a way that you can make it more inspiring yourself by offered to do social events
I didnt get on with WW at all and weighing and pointing everything was tedious, especially when I was ill and had to point and count my medicine.

SW gives me more freedom to eat the food I enjoy and experiment in the kitchen which I love and still have a treat or a meal out.
I think that if you prefer the SW plan then you must follow that one because if you go with WW you could be setting yourself up for failure.
It is definitely personal preference as both plans are good. I tried WW and lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks but struggled after that with all the counting of points and it was probably me not using my points wisely, but I always felt hungry.
SW is working better for me so far (although I am only on day 4!!) because it is teaching me better eating habits. I am also full all the time and feel like I don't have the urge to snack on junk as much.
I can understand that you feel wary of joining a slimming club where you feel you don't click with the consultant. But do you think that she would actually hinder your weight loss? Or could you tolerate her?
I am doing SW online because I can't commit to meetings due to my work. I am using this site to list my food diary and see others success which is motivating me. I am weighing myself every Wednesday morning. But everyone is different because many people need the motivation of a weekly weigh in. I am happy to come on here and shame myself haha ;)
Good luck with whatever you do and remember that the most important thing is that you lose weight and reach your goal :D

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